Rooftop garden

A complete Guide to learn how to make Rooftop garden

“If 10% of city Roofs has rooftop garden them 50% of air pollution will be we are trying to make people more aware about Rooftop gardening.”

A rooftop garden can surely save City and can save your Lots of Money. we will give you all the details and tips to make your first Terrace garden.

Test your Rooftop

The rooftop has to solid to withstand the entire garden. Leakage in terrace wall is the other reason you should design your Rooftop garden correctly.

Must have a Rooftop testing checklist

how to prepare your rooftop for gardening?

Choose a design, figure out how you will layout.

Plan your garden according to your needs. we have selected best gardening Design for you to choose from.

50 Best Rooftop Gardening Designs 

50 Best Balcony Gardening Design you should Try Rooftop garden

List of plants that looks good in your Terrace garden

You are not limited to grow plants in rooftop garden you can grow any we classified plants according to following factors.

Indoor gardening Plants List 

Rooftop garden

Low maintenance plants 

Rooftop garden

Choose from the best containers

The containers have to face direct sunlight and that will make your containers can be damaged.

so we have found awesome containers for your from around the world.

DIY Gardening containers  

List of best Containers