50 Balcony Garden ideas India Easy and Fast to Apply

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Top 50 Balcony garden ideas India-  you can try in your Rooftop garden

Balcony garden is the first step toward a Rooftop garden if you can have a beautiful balcony garden than your rooftop garden will be a sure success. so to learn about balcony garden we have added some best tips and images of some of the best balcony garden so you can learn from it.


Space is the Key factor –

you have constrained space in your gallery so ensure you utilize it astutely. in the overhang, you get just a single or two vertical sides so you need to deal with that vertical space as well.

Overhang garden can be any reason possibly it is for plants just or an unwinding garden area.According to your need, you can do first begin by choosing the territory that you requirement for a delightful recliner.

Hanging Pots are the coolest approach to get your gallery a decent look and increment space in your garden overhang. you can make your own particular hanging pots or you can purchase from online locales. you can undoubtedly use a large portion of the herbs in hanging pots.

Note – Do not use too many hanging pots because it can stop the sunlight to enter your room.



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How many of you have Rooftop garden or balcony garden in their home please comment about the experience so more people can start having a rooftop garden or balcony garden.

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