Organic Farming Advantages and Disadvantages-How to Start

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organic farming advantages and disadvantages

Organic Farming Advantages and Disadvantages Hello, Welcome to my rooftop garden I started this blog with an aim to grow as many plants as possible on earth. I hope you guys will like this blog( please excuse some spelling and grammar mistake) What is Organic Farming United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) study team on organic farming “organic farming is … Read More

Best Indoor Plants For Air Purification Australia And Tips By Andrea Davine

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Best indoor plants for air purification Australia We have with us today Andrea Davine with us she is amazing environment scientist and horticulturist.She is from Australia and working at the nursery. So she has amazing tips for an indoor plant. Her Instagram is full of indoor plant tips. So let’s learn more from her Tip 1. Make sure the plant you … Read More

Garden Restaurants in Delhi Try Dinner in Moon light

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Garden Restaurants in Delhi When you have Density of almost 1-2 Crore people in the small place like Delhi, People has only one choice to grow house till it touches the sky.but what if we want to enjoy a beautiful meal in open space like a garden or open in the sky? well Delhi has a solution for this Garden … Read More

Flowers That Attract Butterflies But Not Bees

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Flowers that attract butterflies but not bees

We all want Beautiful butterflies in our garden but we also want that our kids are safe from the bees that come to flower after butterflies.lets learn about Flowers that attract butterflies but not bees. Gardner 1 – If you have caterpillars, you probably will get bees. At least wasps like to take them. But many of the bees that I … Read More

5 Amazing Facts of Motherwort [benefits of Motherwort included]

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Motherwort “Motherwort’s actions beautifully show us the connection between the physical and spiritual heart.” 1 Motherwort for anxiety – this plant works as a meditation against anxiety This plant helps regulate tachycardia (uneven heart beats) especially when due to stress and anxiety; this happens very quickly after dosage and can be a powerful ally for someone who feels their heartbeat frequently … Read More

25 Gardening jokes with Funny Garden images to make you laugh

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Gardening jokes We have Lot of fun in gardening and gardening give us great pleasure too in return. But here is something that can make you happier.So we have tried something to make your happier. Learn About Bel Patra and know why Lord Shiva loved this plant – Click Here  Check Out these Best garden restaurant in Delhi – Click … Read More

Parsley in Tamil – Confused With Coriander?

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Parsley in Tamil Lets Learn More Why parsley in Tamil is so important that we have written a different blog for this topic?If you are from a native English region it is fine for you but people from the different region have difficulty in finding different between parsley and coriander. Parsley in Tamil – வோக்கோசு (Vōkkōcu ) Coriander in Tamil – கொத்தமல்லி … Read More

Plant Stands Online India – A Beautiful Plant Stand Catalogue

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Plant Stands Online India – A beautiful Plant Stand Catalogue You Spend so much money on Plants and Plants Pot and then there is a new problem of Space. your Gardening Containers occupies much of the space of your garden or home. So we get the solution for you just try these amazing Plants stand for your gardening. These are the … Read More