Best Indoor Plants For Air Purification Australia And Tips By Andrea Davine

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Best indoor plants for air purification Australia We have with us today Andrea Davine with us she is amazing environment scientist and horticulturist.She is from Australia and working at the nursery. So she has amazing tips for an indoor plant. Her Instagram is full of indoor plant tips. So let’s learn more from her Tip 1. Make sure the plant you … Read More

5 Amazing Facts of Motherwort [benefits of Motherwort included]

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Motherwort “Motherwort’s actions beautifully show us the connection between the physical and spiritual heart.” 1 Motherwort for anxiety – this plant works as a meditation against anxiety This plant helps regulate tachycardia (uneven heart beats) especially when due to stress and anxiety; this happens very quickly after dosage and can be a powerful ally for someone who feels their heartbeat frequently … Read More

A Guide To Growing Yarrow Plant With Yarrow Seeds

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Growing Yarrow Plant “While often sold as a flowering perennial, yarrow plant (Achillea millefolium) is actually an herb.” Yarrow plant identification A. millefolium is an erect, herbaceous, perennial plant that produces one to several stems 0.2–1 m (0.66–3.28 ft) in height, and has a spreading rhizomatous growth form. Leaves are evenly distributed along the stem, with the leaves near the middle and … Read More

Unique Container Gardening Ideas for Rooftop Garden

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garden containers

Unique Container Gardening Ideas for Rooftop Garden Make your rooftop garden into a superb botanical garden with These awesome Unique Container Gardening Ideas for Rooftop Garden. Designs your Self   Most of the Garden containers that are available in the market are expensive and biggest problem that they do not match with your Rooftop garden theme. So what you have … Read More

Parsley in Hindi and Parsley Uses you Find Really Helpful

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Parsley in hindi

Parsley in Hindi It is less popular because in India we mostly use coriander or Dhaniya. Parsley uses in India is really less because it more growing in tropical areas.Parsley in Hindi and other meaning as mention below. So What is parsley in Hindi? Parsley – अजमोद Marathi – Parsley – अजमोदा (ओवा) Gujarati – સુંગધી પે Bengali – পার্সলে But in India, we not hear … Read More

Why terrace gardening is good? A debate with Sneha sengupta

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Why is terrace gardening good? a debate with Sneha Sengupta the lawyer About Sneha Sengupta – Yes She Is Going To Be lawyer soon and this Debate is Little scary for me to reply the questions from the lawyer. She is Brain with the Beauty. you will see when you check her profile into Instagram @ms_sengupta. She is loved and followed by … Read More