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Most fragrant flowers in India you must smell [Complete list]

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These are The most Fragrant flowers in India

This the Top list of Fragrant Flowers in India. if you are planning to have a flower in your rooftop garden try these Flowers first.

Before going on to the list of fragrant flowers in India we take a look at some of the name of flowers in Hindi and then we will get to the list.

we take a look at some of the name of flowers in hindi and then we will get to the list.

English Name

Botanical Name

Hindi Name


Blue water lily

Nymphaea nouchali

Neelkamal नीलकमल


Bougainvillea glabra

Booganbel बूगन


China Rose, Chinese hibiscus

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Gurhal गुढ़ल


Chrysanthemum indicum

चंद्रमल्लिका Chandramallika

Cobra saffron, Ceylon ironwood, Indian rose chestnut

Mesua ferrea

नाग चम्पा Nag champa, नागकेसर Nagkesar

Cockscomb, Feathered Amaranth

Celosia argentea var. plumosa

Lalmurga लाल मुर्ग़ा

Crape jasmine, Carnation of India

Tabernaemontana divaricata

Chandni चांदनी

Crossandra, Firecracker Flower

Crossandra infundibuliformis

Aboli आबोली, प्रियदर्श priyadarsha

Cypress Vine, Star Glory, Hummingbird Vine

Ipomoea quamoclit

कामलता Kamlata


Damask Rose

Rosa x damascena

गुलाब gulab, फ़स्ती गुलाब fasti gulab, Sudburg, Gulabi rang


Datura innoxia

Safed dhatura सफ़ैद धतूरा


Elephant Creeper

Argyreia nervosa

घाव बेल ghav bel


Four O’clock, Beauty-of-the-night

Mirabilis jalapa

गुल अब्बास Gul abbas, Gulbakshi


Plumeria rubra

चम्पा champa, गुलाचिन golachin, गुलैन्ची golenchi



Nothapodytes nimmoniana

घाणेरा Ghanera

Globe Amaranth

Gomphrena globosa

Gule makhmal गुले मख़मल

goden champa

Michelia champaca

चम्पा champa

Green Shrimp Plant

Ecbolium ligustrinum



Hari Chamba

Artabotrys hexapetalus

Hari champa हरी चम्पा


Indian tulip

Thespesia populnea

Paras pipal पारस पीपल

Ixora, Jungle flame

Ixora coccinea

Rugmini रुग्मिनी


Kewda, Fragrant Screw Pine

Pandanus odorifer

गगण धूल gagan-dhul

Kunda, Star jasmine

Jasminum multiflorum

Kunda कुंद


Strobilanthes kunthiana

कुरिंजी Kurinji


Law’s Persian Violet

Exacum lawii

लहान चिरायत Lahan chirayat


Nelumbo nucifera

कमल Kamal


Madan mogra, Arabian Jasmine

Jasminum sambac

Madan mogra मदन मोगरा

Madhavi lata, Hiptage, Helicopter Flower

Hiptage benghalensis

Madhavi lata माधवी लता

Malabar glory lily, Superb lily

Glariosa superba

बचनाग bachnag

Maloo Creeper

Bauhinia vahlii

मालू Malu, Jallaur

Maulsari, Bullet wood

Mimusops elengi

Maulsari मौलसरी

Midday Flower, Scarlet Mallow

Pentapetes phoenicea

दुपहरिया Dupahariya


Night-flowering Jasmine

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis




Kaner कनेर

Kaner कनेर


Peacock Flower

Caesalpinia pulcherrima forma flava

गुले तूरा guletura


Catharanthus roseus

Sadabahar सदाबहार

Pink jasmine, Winter jasmine, Chinese jasmine

Jasminum polyanthum

गुलाबी चमेली Gulabi chameli

Pride of India, Queen Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia speciosa

Jarul जरुल


Quick Weed, gallant soldier

Galinsoga parviflora

Hameng shampakpi




গুলাব Gulab



Helianthus annuus

Surajmukhi सूरजमुखी


Tanner’s cassia

Cassia auriculata

तरवड़ tarwar


Water lily

nymphaea lotus

Kumud कुमुद

1.Rajanigandha Flowers

Rajanigandha means fragrance of the night, and the flower blooms in the night time and has a strong, sweet smell. This is also a cheap flower to buy that sustains for several days, and is almost a staple buy on way back home during summer evenings in Calcutta.
Indian movies and songs dedicated to this flower 🙂 And even a tobacco is named after this flower.( i know that’s bad)

fragrant flowers in india

A fragrant flower that sits deep in our psyche as Bengalis are Shiuli or Shefali or Nyctanthes arbor-tristis.
This is chiefly because the fragrance of this flower is associated with the onset of autumn, a season we equate with festivities (our version of Christmas or the major festival of Bengalis in India–Durga puja–has this flower as the chief mascot). The flower is well-known to wilt very easily.

The smell is very fresh, light but persistent.

most fragrant flowers

This flower is also used in getting yellow as a vegetable dye. Indeed, in my childhood, when I’d go and get these flowers if they happened to crush on my frock, it would leave quite a permanent yellow mark.

And Shiuli is a very common Bengali female name.

2. Nag Champa Flowers (Champa ke phool)

Looks like this and has a sweet,  very strong and addictive smell.

fragrant flowers in india

The word “Nag” in fact means snake, the name of the flower possibly coming from the way it resembles the head of a snake.

3. Hasnuhana Flower

Speaking of snakes, Hasnuhana has a very heady and sweet smell, strongest at night time. Legend has it that this flower attracts snakes because of its smell.

fragrant flowers in india

Some people complain that they get headaches from the smell. Headaches or not, the flower has a strange smell that is sweet, but strange is the key word here.

4. Malati Flowers (Malati ke Phool)

most fragrant flowers

This flower smells home to me. The tree is mostly planted in gates or walls of buildings or homes, as it is an ivy-like plant, and the flowers smell fragrant, light but you can smell home from a distance. So, whenever you’re coming back home or going to somebody’s place, the heavenly smell of these pink and white flowers is likely to greet you on summer evenings.

This flower is mostly seen in Bengal in India and some other hill station like Shimla and Kashmir

5. Kadam Flowers (Kadam ke phool)

This is a big plant, and the flower looks like this:

fragrant flowers in india

In spite of the flowers hanging up above so high, the smell of this flower is unmistakable from a distance, especially if you’re passing down this tree.

6. Kewda Flowers Tree 

This flower isn’t that pretty looking, but probably has the strongest fragrance among them all….as much as kewda water is used to make Biryani and a splash of that water is enough to bring about a distinctive and strong aroma.

most fragrant flowers

Check out this awesome video

Which one is your favorite Flower among These fragrant flowers in India? comment Below

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