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Purna Nutrich 5Kg- Enriched Vermicompost. Organic plant food.

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Description for Purna Nutrich 5Kg- Enriched Vermicompost. Organic plant food.

What is Nutrich Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is rich quality of soil nutrient and an excellent soil builder. It is odorless and nontoxic, adding vermicompost does not harm even the most delicate seedling. Earthworms leave worm castings behind which are water soluble and become available to the plants immediately.

Why should you use Purna Nutrich compost? Is it good for indoor plants too?

Vermicomposting is a natural process of soil amendment and hence the product is 100% organic.

Addition of vermicompost enhances strong, vigorous root growth and provides stability to the plant.

Vermicompost can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants.For container gardening.

It can be combined @ 15% with the potting mix and also can be added along with the compost on fortnightly basis to the plants.

Merits of Purna Nutrich Vemicompost.

We add different micro bacteria, oil cakes and phosphate in organic farm to vermi compost in different forms to enrich with the minerals and microbacteria that would enhance the growth and health of your plants.

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