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Vertical Garden India [complete guide] – Tools and Much More

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Vertical Garden India Tools Tips and Much more

India is the most crowded country and because of that, we fight with the space problem.vertical garden India is our hope to make India our country green.Vertical gardening contains plant of small root and length and placed in inclined pots.

vertical garden in India

Bangalore is the first city in India to start a vertical garden at a big level. In Bangalore, all the metro pillars will be covered with a vertical garden. so you will see less poster on pillars and more plants.

vertical garden india

vertical garden in bangalore

Over 3,500 saplings of 10 different species have already been planted in the organic garden, explains SayTrees in a Facebook post. An automated drip irrigation system will water these saplings every day, so it is sustainable. The organization’s volunteers will maintain the saplings. The garden on each side of the pillar is designed to increase its aesthetic value. SayTrees says it aims to cover all pillars of the over 9-kilometre flyover with similar vertical gardens and hopes.

How to Grow Vertical garden

vertical garden


  1. How to begin
    Define the area where you want the green wall.Any wall is good, but it’s always better if you choose one that gets some natural light, even if indirect. Think about your budget. Many landscape designers also offer good solutions.If you’re creative enough, you can make your own green wall with hanging pipes.
  2.  Area required All you need is a wall or a partition. It can be something as extensive as a boundary wall or even a small balcony wall. The structure of the green wall should be a three-layer sandwich -frame, plastic sheet, and fabric -so that even when you attach it to a wall, it stays unharmed.This also makes unmounting easy  Again, if you want to create a partition, a freestanding green wall is ideal. This wall can also be made movable, making it an amazing option to break the monotony by changing its position every now and then.
  3. Choosing plants The location of the wall will determine the kind of plants. “For indoors, we use plants that grow in shade, and for outdoors, we use sun-loving varieties. Again, for balconies, we use semi-shaded plants. Vertical gardens even work as an attractive room divider. In offices, where we get indirect light, we use sturdy indoor plants,” Nupur tells us. The type of plants can also be suggested by the people installing the green wall or a horticulturist. You can get your supply from a good nursery.
  4. How to water the plants  If your green wall has a drip irrigation system, all you need to do is turn on a tap and your plants get watered in no time. Otherwise, you can use a hose for outdoor walls and a spray gun for indoor plants.


Vertical gardening tools and Pots online India

These are the best tools you can get online for your first vertical gardening project.

Buy 64 Pots for vertical gardening 

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Best for – Retro and hotels to get the fresh look or to make the simple wall an attraction point.

Planters Vertical Garden Green Panels ( 3 frames + 9 pots )

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Best For – If you want to grow simple herb garden you can try this simple vertical garden pots.


Hanging pots from amazon

Best for – these beautiful pots are good for decoration pots for indoor gardening or balcony garden.

4. Imported 9 Pocket Hanging Vertical Yard Wall Planter

Buy now – 415 Rs

Best for – These are built for small plans and longer duration. you can grow small beautiful plants.

Tips for Vertical gardening or wall garden India

  1. Make the best use of vertical structures: Avoid wasting walls and fences that provide you with blank canvases for growing or displaying garden art.  If you can’t drill into the front of a fence or gate, try hanging hooks with planters over the top.
  2. Check the shade factor: Depending on where you position your plants, as they grow upwards they may block sunlight from reaching plants behind or below them.  Place vertical structures such as teepees and arbors where you need to shade understorey plants otherwise if they don’t get enough sun, they may suffer.
  3. Choose your plant wisely: If you are growing a vine or creeper up a trellis to create more shade or privacy, consider what kind of plant you grow and whether you will need access for pruning as it matures.
  4.  Windy weather:  In high-wind areas or exposed high rise apartment and balcony gardens, consider anchoring lightweight vertical garden structures down.

Vertical Garden Planters in India

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These are the best vertical planters in Pune Delhi and Mumbai

  • Studio Machaan – studio Machaan does awesome work of bringing Gardening with modern Decoration.They offer a one stop solution in terms of terrace garden needs – conceptualization, designing and execution of Terrace Gardens
  • Sanjay Nursery – Number one in the vertical garden category, Sanjay gardening has a lot to offer for you guys.
  • Chhajed garden – This company provides the vertical garden solution for Pune, Delhi, and other Major City too.
  • Green Wall – New To This category but growing at good can Checkout this option before start working on your vertical gardening.
  • Natura India – If you want to know some Data about vertical gardening in PDF.


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