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A Guide to Terrace Garden in Chennai – Tips in Tamil Also

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A Guide to Terrace garden in Chennai

A Guide To Terrace garden in Chennai, we are trying to solve and create an environment for terrace garden in Chennai.

Why Terrace garden in Chennai?

Why Terrace Garden in Chennai is because Chennai shows a great interest in Gardening ever since and now there are welcoming Terrace gardening with an open heart to save the city.

Here you can See the Result Google Location engine show for terrace gardening in Chennai.

Terrace Garden Apartments Story of A Man

Dr. Kadur wants to take gardening to the slums and urban poor and his Story is featured in many Pages. we get you the glimpse of the interview.

With the efforts of people like Dr. Kadur, Bangalore has over 5,000 terrace gardens now, with an increasing interest among youngsters.

One of his favorite gardens is located in Hyderabad and is probably the oldest terrace garden in India. This 35-year-old garden hosts trees like banana, guava and sapota, and the entire terrace is covered with plants, trees, and grass. Dr. Kadur believes that with the government’s support, the country should be able to meet its vegetable needs through urban gardeners.

what he said 

“There should be better facilities made available in villages so that people stop migrating. An old man cannot work in his farms as much as he did before. Once he stops, who will produce food for us as the younger generation is migrating to the cities? We need more people to go back to farming,” he says.

Put your soul into it, throw seeds and take care of them,” he concludes.

Terrace Garden Apartments

why go Terrace gardening if you can have an Inbuilt Garden on your terrace in your Future Homes?Now Terrace Garden Apartments in India is Trending and Buyer and Builder both want to see Garden in their Homes.

Before Buying your next home you should keep following things in mind.

  • your home must get direct sunlight as most of the homes do not have sunlight directly in their homes in big city Like Chennai.
  • Check availability of terrace and accessibility should be easy.
  • Make sure the garden is made correctly because any small mistake can create problems like leakage and structure weakness.

Terrace Gardening Tips in Tamil

* வார ஒ ைற சிறிதள# எச உைப த&ணீாி கைர) ெசக* ஊ,றலா. ெசக ந/* வளர ேதைவயான ெமனீசிய, சேப இர&ைட2 இ3த உ4 ெகா5* . * ைட ஓ5கைள காய ைவ) ந/* 7ளாகி ேபாட ேவ&5. இதி இ* காசிய ெசக* நல உரமா*. * 4 8/ வினிக ஒ 9ட த&ணீாி கல3) :/; மாத<க* ஒ ைற ஊ,றேவ&5. * அல<கார மீ/ ெதாயி த&ணீ மா,;ேபா) ெவளிேய,றப5 கழி# நீைர ெசக* ஊ,றலா. ெசக ெசழிபாக வள. * சாப சிற3த உர , கிைடதா ேபாடலா. * ஓ மர இைலக அல) ேவபமர இைலகைள வாளியி உள நீாி ேபா5 ெவயி9 ைவகேவ&5 , நீாி/ நிற ந/றாக மாறிய) *ளிர ைவ) ெசக* ஊ,றலா. * காகறி கழி#கைள ெசயி/ அயி ேபா5 வரலா.

The Tamil Format is written in this format might be wrong. please give your Feedback if you find any problem with Tamil part or if you have any questions related to Terrace gardening please Ask in the Comment section.


  1. I have vermiecompost, cocopeet, neem khali etc. But I want to know how and in which quantity I should mix them for organic farming, and also steps for organic farming. Please help so that I could also start organic farming at my home.

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