Advantages of Fertilizers and How to use Fertilizers [Guide]

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Advantages of Fertilizers

Learn how to use fertilizers

As we know the common Advantages of fertilizers and  I assume you know them so I am starting with ” how to use fertilizers” Guide. Details about Advantage and Disadvantage of fertilizers will be discussed.

Fertilizers information guide

Whether you grow plants indoor or out, you will need fertilizers for proper growth of garden plants. The easiest way of using fertilizers is using them in a liquid solution and pouring directly into the soil or can be used as a granulated form or as a foliar application for quick absorption by leaves and green plant parts.(Liquid Fertilizers are also really useful)

Fertilizers Technique

Fertilizers are absorbed by roots of plants quickly after adding them to the soil. If your pot is full of all fertilizers it will soon be absorbed and soil will be deployed of fertilizers, therefore, it is necessary to add fertilizers to the soil at regular time interval.

advantage of fertilizers

Types of fertilizers

For use of fertilizers. Select proper fertilizers(better you choose organic one) and use them once in two weeks or once in a week.
Make sure you always use organic blends as fertilizer because they do not cause any harm to soil and works as similar as chemical fertilizers. There are many types of organic fertilizers like goat manure, vermicompost, blood meal, bone meal, fish meal etc. They can be prepared by self or can be brought from the market in packing form.

Plant growth is a continuous process so fertilizer needs differ at different stages of the plant.
When you buy a packet of fertilizers you will see 3 numbers on the packet for example 4-5-3. These numbers show percentage by weight of 3 major elements which are essential for full growth of the plant and they are nitrogen phosphorous and potassium.

Nitrogen is essential for the growth and leaf development, phosphorous is needed for root development and fruit and flower development and potassium is used to develop stem growth and overall plant vigor.
You can choose fertilisers on the basis of plant type you want to grow like if you want to grow leafy vegetables then you have to choose fertilisers which are high in nitrogen quantity because it adds leaf development and for flowering plants 1st use high nitrogen fertilisers for full growth and then use low nitrogen and high phosphorous for the blooming.

Tip- use granulated and slow releasing fertilizers which add minerals slowly for a long time in the soil for vegetables plants and ornamentals.

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