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Agricultural Tools in India List and Best Rated Tools

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Agricultural Tools in India

Agricultural is always a back backbone for India economy and due to industrial change now people forget agricultural as the profitable business.

But still, people want to get there hands into the agricultural business so if you are one of them you should read this blog post about the Tools one should need for agricultural business in India.

These are some of the old style agricultural Tools

These tools are present from the starting of the gardening and agricultural growth.


Improvised fork

Horse Hoe

Double-Row Marker

Tools That you need for Agricultural farm in India

Tools for Plowing in India

Plows- used for tilling large areas, making furrows and inter row cultivation


Rotavator-used for tilling and pulverizing the soil

Harrow Tools

These Tools are used for Tilling and Pulverizing the soil.

Harrow-used for tilling and pulverizing the soil

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