Let’s Talk to Akanksha Jadhav Beautiful indoor Gardener

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Garden chat with Akanksha Jadhav

Hello, Guys today we have with us a very beautiful and talented Social media star Akanksha Jadhav. She is an Instagrammer and talented youtuber. So without taking your more time just gets started.

Tell us more about your self Akanksha

So hey, I’m Akanksha Jadhav, working as a Technical consultant in a reputed organization since past 3 years and an independent, bindaas and creative girl from Mumbai.
I believed in my dreams when no one did and I worked on it.I am a YouTuber and also a social media influencer..It feels great when I can influence the young innovative minds of so many people.People feel being an influencer is such an easy task..No..That’s not the case. To influence someone you yourself need to be positive about you and your ideas and should be ever ready to help anyone.
I believe in 1 thing.Dreams do come true if you work for them…So keep working towards your dreams all the time 😊

2. Your Instagram profile is so beautiful I guess your home is also beautiful.

– Indeed it is.Home is beautiful because of the people living in it 😊

3. Do you like rooftop gardening idea?

I love it, it gives a sense of freedom and openness for an artist like me.Greenery and fresh air could work as an add on while I sing or compose songs, and would keep me fresh all the time.

4. If you have to grow every food that you use for your self for your entire life what type of plants you will grow?😜 Only 5

That’s quite a tricky one hehe.I would grow potatoes, spinach, green chilly, pumpkin, and bananas.

5. What tips do you give to our viewers to stay fit and healthy like you?

Firstly I would ask them to have faith in themselves because fitness comes from within..i believe It comes from the positivity and the aura you radiate with the faith and confidence in yourself.Secondly, i would ask them to drink lots and lots of water to have healthy and glowing skin also to use natural products like aloe vera, turmeric, milk, besan etc.

All the fitness and beauty related hacks are present with your grandmother’s…Do spend some time with her and ask her all the evergreen secrets she has.

6. What is the best garden you ever visited?

I think the BPT garden at Colaba is beautiful and well maintained.

7. Now please share your dream and future plan. So your followers can know what Akanksha is up to.

The plan is to keep working hard and doing things that I love which includes singing, writing songs, playing my ukulele and also modeling.While I am pursuing my passion I’d like to tell you guys that I am working on a reputed organization as an Oracle Technical Consultant for past 3 years, so I will also be continuing in the corporate sector as well as continue with my passion.

8. Do you have any indoor plant?

Yes, I do, my mom is quite fond of gardening and hybridizing plants.Tulsi, aloe vera,Β bamboo, roses, curry leaves these are a few of them.

9. Do you have any funny incidents or story about the garden and you?

Yes there was a garden in our locality and as a child, i, used to always go to play there with my group of girls, but just to avoid from trespassers to know our names we used to call each other by numbers ..”aye…3 where are u going?” people would keep wondering as to what are we up to…But it was fun though πŸ˜‚

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  1. Perfect outfit and nicely Themed Too good πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ photography πŸ‘Œ

  2. It’s really good to see a person so good by nature promoting nature 😊
    You are indeed the “Shravan Queen”πŸ‘°πŸ‘Έ

  3. Reason of everyone’s Good Morning.. the one who makes everyone mad wid her smile.. Best hairs I have ever seen.. A person who Is n always wid me.. Bcoz I belive her once she makes any good frndship she value n respect of it.. lucky to have such a beautiful & Wonderful friend as well as a good person in my life.. Thanx to Bappa n I olways wish our frndship gets strong more n more 😎😎

  4. Akanksha is a very versatile, talented,passionate..as well as a down to earth girl. It was great to discover a different inclination towards gardening through this article! Go green! It’s peaceful!

  5. Nice thoughts and Nicely said Akanksha about Greenery,About gardening and How it has good effects in our health and Looking good too.You are a Good Person with Good thoughts.

  6. Amazing blog nd feedπŸ‘ŒπŸ»Yes Akanksha is an angel & she deserves the appreciation for her good work.Continue your passion & pursue your dreams.Good luck!!!

  7. Natural beauty is working for nature 😊…. Keep it up akanksha 😎

  8. Hello Akansha ,
    This is Toral Patel and living in Mumbai . I like to see you personally coz very very impressed and fall in love with your garden . I admire your views and thoughts . How do I contact you for personal meeting ?

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