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Arjun Tree

Like Ashoka tree, Arjun plant is also Indian originated tree it is found in Indian subcontinental. Arjun tree has woody fruit which appears in September and November.

Arjun Tree in English – Terminalia arjun 

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The Arjun Tree information

This tree is around 20-25 meter tall, It has a strong truck. The shape of leaves are conical and from the top, it green and in the middle it is brown.

The flowers are pale yellow and it appears in June and March.

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The Arjuna is generally discovered developing on waterway banks or close dry stream beds in Bangladesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and south and focal India.

It is known as Matthimara in Kannada, neer Maruthu in Malayalam ‘Marutha Maram’ (Marutham Pattai) in Tamil.

The story with Arjun Plant in India

Vagbhata mentions Arjuna in the treatment of wounds, hemorrhages, and ulcers applied topically as a powder.

The Arjuna plant (lat. Terminalia Arjuna) has traditionally been used to treat heart disease for centuries, which is why it got the nickname “Guardian of the heart.”

Arjuna the well known character of epic “Mahabharata”, was named after this tree in view of its defensive impacts.

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Arjun Plant Benefits

Arjun plant is called ” Hero of the heart”.

Because Arjuna is a lymph mover for the heart. Under the protective shiny layer of the bark lie reddish, more active constituents. You know that most of the herbs that were traditionally used to dye things red are considered to be natural lymph-movers.

Western Research on Arjun Tree

As of late, scientists have discovered that Arjuna bolsters the muscle tone of the heart, thusly supporting solid blood course through the heart. Arjun tree moreover propels a more grounded withdrawal of the heart muscle, empowering the heart to work gainfully.

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