Balcony gardening in India by Shweta Amin

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Balcony gardening in india by Shweta Amin

Nature in any form or size is always soothing to the eyes. Be it a roadside plantation on your way to work, a garden in your vicinity or a little space dedicated to plants on your apartment balcony.

Why Balcony Gardening is picking up in India.

I understand there can be 2 main reasons for this. Owing to the increased development and infrastructure, we are bonded by buildings all around us. Hence giving away spaces to these man made giants and compromising on garden spaces. Metros bear the burn the most. A super alternative to this is vertical gardening which does not demand much space and can add up to the loss highly. We can contribute to the green initiative through balcony gardening. Utilizing the little space in and around our urban windows.

Secondly, with busy work schedules most of us loose on an evening walk in the garden.

A lovely garden in balcony helps one to have a great start to their day with fresh and pure air. Moving over to another aspect of balcony gardening.

How does Balcony Garden help?

For me it’s is a big stress buster. Dedicating some hours in a week in beautifying the garden helps me unwind and get closer to nature. Sipping my morning cup of tea as I flip through the daily newspaper in the company of beautiful flowers sets my morning.
A well-maintained balcony garden also adds to the look and feel to the overall home decor.

To conclude I would highly recommend giving balcony gardening a try even if you have a hectic work schedule. Taking out some time on a weekly basis could help. You can always start with few plants and enhance your little garden as and when it suits you. Watering your plants every day and watching them grow is the most satisfying feeling ever!

Do let me know your ideas and queries in the comments below.
Tips for balcony gardening are welcomed too.

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