10 Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea – Organic Tea Benefits [Bonus Recipe]

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Health benefits of Tulsi Tea

The health benefits of tulsi tea are principal because of its cancer prevention agent properties that originated from its caffeine, Catechin Polyphenols. The real medical advantages originating from cancer prevention agent impacts are recorded underneath.

1 Against Aging

The free radicals made in the body are in charge of eroding the body in different routes, one of which we see as the indications of maturing and the related side effects. The primary occupation of cancer prevention agents is to kill the oxidants or free radicals show on the body and green tea is extremely rich in cell reinforcements. The Catechin Polyphenols exhibit in green tea is immensely in charge of the anti-oxidizing impacts, the most capable among them being the Epigallocatechin Gallate. In this manner, consistent utilization of green tea can adequately postpone the signs and manifestations of maturing.

2 Animating

One of the essential purposes behind the notoriety and utilization of a wide range of tea by human civic establishments is its fortifying impact. This impact, once more, is because of the Caffeine and Tannins show inside the tea clears out. Caffeine and Tannins, in spite of their conceivably antagonistic consequences for well-being over the long haul, go about as intense stimulants.

That is the reason some tea makes you feel crisp and profoundly stimulated. Tea is a simple and perfect answer for counter weariness, sluggishness, tiredness, and absence of vitality, and to enhance blood dissemination. This is the reason it is so mainstream with a wide assortment of individuals in different enterprises, including experts, housewives, understudies, and any other person who has ever felt somewhat lazy amid the day!

3 Immunity Boosting

Research demonstrates that individuals who consistently drink green tea don’t succumb to basic bacterial and viral diseases as effectively as the individuals who don’t add green tea to their eating regimen. The message is clear. Green Tea supports the quality of the insusceptible framework.

The Catechins exhibit in green tea keeps microorganisms and infections from joining themselves to cell dividers to contaminate them. These Catechins likewise counter the poisons discharged by organisms.

This antimicrobial property additionally shields you from awful breath, looseness of the bowels, the runs, tooth rot, acid reflux, influenza, hack and cool, and colitis, all of which are created, somehow, by microbial and parasitic activity.

4 Astringency

This is yet another intense advantage of green tea. Astringent substances trigger withdrawals in muscles and tissues while conditioning up muscles and skin.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t wish to drink green tea, a straightforward, day by day mouthwash with green tea can make adequate compression in your gums keep them firm and tight on the teeth, hence forestalling relaxing and loss of teeth. You can likewise wash your hair with green tea and feel it become more grounded and more beneficial consistently.

5 Against cancer-causing – No Tulsi tea side effects?

Apart from bringing on untimely maturing, free radicals are additionally in charge of creating certain sorts of disease. The Catechins show in green tea kill these free radicals, anticipate arrangement of cancer-causing agents like nitrosamines and decrease the danger of malignancy for individuals who consistently devour green tea.

Green tea is currently being clinically utilized and endorsed as a home solution for help in the avoidance of tumor, especially for those patients at high hazard for disease in the colon, rectum, pancreas and digestion tracts.

Benefits of tulsi tea

6 Lessening Cholesterol

Green tea has been appeared to be successful in diminishing cholesterol levels to some degree, most likely because of its alkalinity.

Cardiovascular and Arterial Health: Certain segments in green tea avert thickening of the blood, in this way diminishing odds of Arterial Sclerosis, Thrombosis, and in addition Cardiac and Cerebral Strokes.

7 Hostile to diabetic – Tulsi tea caffeine

If not brought with sugar, the soluble way of green tea diminishes the blood glucose level. Also, the cancer prevention agent and astringent characteristics of green tea guarantee great well-being and better working of the pancreas. Enhancing the capacity of the pancreas implies a more proficient and controlled discharge of insulin and the consequent change in disintegrating and engrossing of sugar. This expansion in powerful capacities can help keep the onset of diabetes.

8 Weight reduction is health benefits of tulsi (tulsi leaves for weight loss)

Believe it or not, but rather green tea likewise people groups get in shape by improving the rate of digestion, in this manner advancing a quicker utilization of the fat stockpiling of the body. As of late, green tea has supplanted numerous different drinks in the western world as its aides in weight reduction, and heftiness is as yet a perpetual issue in many spots. Drink a glass or two of green tea each morning and you will undoubtedly lose a couple pounds of overabundance weight over a week or somewhere in the vicinity.

9 Stamina and Endurance Booster

You can demonstrate this quality to yourself effortlessly. Simply have some hot green tea after some thorough exercise and inside no time, you will be prepared for a couple of more sets. Moreover, it successfully counters solid torment because of overexertion of muscles. Albeit green tea isn’t as broadly announced for western competitors because of the overwhelming caffeinated savor organizations the market, on the off chance that you visit Japan and China, you will see that green tea is the debut refreshment utilized by specialists of hand to hand fighting and different games.

10 Detoxifying – Benefits of Tulsi for skin

Green tea is the best cure for especially savage headaches and exhaustion brought on by the utilization of mixed drinks and absence of rest because recently night parties. Begin your after effect with some green tea with lemon, and the headache will rapidly blur to a terrible memory. Green tea with lemon juice is a decent and well-known solution for taking out the debilitating impacts of liquor in a split second.

How to make Tulsi Tea

Here is the bonus gift from us, learn how to make Tulsi tea and welcome your guest with a healthy drink.


1. Tulsi leaves: (Dry or Raw) –  1/4 cup
2. Tender barks 🙁 Dry or Raw) – 3 teaspoon
3. Clove: 1
4. Pepper (optional) – 1
5. Cumin seeds (Jeera): – 1/4 spoon
6. Water – 4 cups
5. Honey: 2 teaspoons
6. Lemon (optional) – 1/2 teaspoon


Warm clove, pepper and cumin seeds (jeera) on a hot pan. Powder this with the help of mortar and pestle. Finely chop tulsi leaves and tender barks of Tulsi. Mix clove, pepper, cumin seeds and tulsi leaves. Pound this mixture in a mortar till it becomes coarse.

Boil 4 cups of water in a saucepan and add the coarsely ground ingredients. Allow it to boil till the water content reduces to one cup. Filter the decoction and allow it to warm down. Add honey when
decoction is lukewarm. Lemon juice can be added to this.

Uses of Tulsi tea

Regular consumption of Tulsi tea helps to detoxify skin. This herbal drink helps to prevent acne eruption, dark circles, flaring up of psoriasis, allergic rashes, and other skin infections.

Tulsi tea is an effective home remedy to relieve constipation, indigestion and it acts as an appetizer.

Regular consumption of Tulsi tea reduces inflammation of joints in conditions like arthritis and gout.  It reduces blood sugar and blood cholesterol level. Thus it is helpful in conditions like diabetes.

Tulsi tea detoxifies the liver and reduces inflammation of the liver. Hence texts of Ayurveda recommend the use of tulsi in jaundice and other liver diseases.

Tulsi tea when consumed regularly acts as a nervine tonic. It increases memory power, reduces a migraine headache and acts as a stress buster.

Tulsi tea is an age old remedy for a cough, common cold, and throat pain. Regular use of Tulsi tea helps to boost immunity of lungs and respiratory system. It acts as an expectorant and relieves the blocked airways of the bronchial tree.

Seeds of Tulsi can be added to the list of ingredients while making tulsi tea. Tulsi seeds are effective in premature ejaculation and also increase the quantity of semen.

Pepper, cumin seeds, honey, and clove impart a wonderful flavor to tea and enhance the medicinal properties of tulsi tea. Honey is called as “Yogavahi”. The substance which has a quality of penetrating the deepest tissue is called as Yogavahi. When honey is used with other herbal preparations it enhances the medicinal qualities of those preparations and also helps them to reach the deeper tissues.

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