Best herbs to grow in pots

Best Herbs to grow in pots – step by step process for your kitchen garden.

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Best Herbs to Grow in Pots

  • English name: Aloes    –                            Hindi name: Ghee Kunwar
  • English name: Areca Nut, Betel Nut  –  Hindi name: Supari; Chaali
  • English name: Asok tree   –                      Hindi name: Ashoka
  •  English name: Cinnamon Bark    –        Hindi name: Dalchini
  • English name: Bastard Peak –                 Hindi name: Dhak, Tes

Herb Garden Benefits

Let’s be clear in this fast life we don’t have time for planting garden.we also want to stay fit, so we can work without any the solution is herb garden.Herb garden India both are incomplete without each other.

Herb garden lets you grow organic and healthy herbal plants inside your home or garden if you have.Herb garden can help you save thousands of dollars.

How to start Herb garden? – We will take you to your herb garden step by step.

1.First Choose herb garden location:

Rooftop garden – Since herb garden does not have long roots and can be done in containers, so rooftop gardening is a really smart choice. Rooftop gets enough lights from sun and rooftop space can be utilized for the good purpose.

Herb garden

Window balcony – Best for herb garden because they get enough sunlight. kitchen balcony is best for herb gardening( if you don’t have kitchen window balcony you can create the balcony extension).

Herb garden, roof top garden


Kitchen garden – Yes there are some herbal plants that can be cultivated inside kitchen if your kitchen has little sunlight and fresh air. so you can use herb directly from the plants.

Herb garden

2. Preparation of soil

These are some main point to keep in mind before starting your herb garden.

  • 1. Buying topsoil is no guarantee that it will contain organic matter.
  • 2. Even the richest soil will need to be revitalized annually.
  • 3. Soil should be light, crumbly and ‘fluffy’.
  • 4.  Choose an organic fertilizer.

3. choosing the herb plant.

You can choose your desired plant from the list above of the best herb plants for your herb garden.

These are the most fragrant flowers in the world check it out

4. Best pots to grow Herbs

We as Indian face problem with the container for gardening. you are planning to get a home garden you have to make it look beautiful.

Herb garden

Herb garden

For Full list of amazing garden containers Check here

You can choose any design you like for your home herb garden.

Make sure the container you use has the strength and looks. Because the garden you gonna create will be going to part of your home Decoration.

5.Timing of plants

If you have any doubts about starting your own garden? Ask us in the comment section now!