Best Indoor Plants For Air Purification Australia And Tips By Andrea Davine

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Best indoor plants for air purification Australia

We have with us today Andrea Davine with us she is amazing environment scientist and horticulturist.She is from Australia and working at the nursery. So she has amazing tips for an indoor plant. Her Instagram is full of indoor plant tips.

So let’s learn more from her

Tip 1.

Make sure the plant you choose is suitable for the location you want to put it.  Or adapt the location if possible.  This is the number 1 reason that plants don’t survive or thrive indoors.  Some plants require more light than others to survive while others will live in low light conditions but may not thrive.

Tip 2.

Don’t overwater.  Plants can recover better from underwatering than they can from overwatering.  In general, indoor plants grow slower than plants in full sun as they photosynthesize less in low light.  Plants use up the water in the soil when they are growing actively but use less when they are not actively growing.  So indoor plants require less water generally.  Ensure all pots are free draining.  Don’t allow water to pool in the saucer or pot.

Tip 3.

Take note of the care instructions.  Each plant has different ideal conditions.  If a plant label says keep moist – then keep moist.  It may even enjoy a misting with some water on the foliage every now and again.  If it says to allow to dry between waterings, then allow drying between waterings. Purchase a soil water meter to assist. The roots grow down towards the base of the pot and even though the soil on top of the pot is dry, it may still be wet lower down.  If the plant needs filtered light then ensure it is placed in a spot where it gets filtered light – and no direct light.
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Tip 4.

Monitor the seasons.  Most plants grow more actively in Spring and Summer when the days are both warmer and longer.  During this time they will require more water and can even benefit from an occasional light fertilizer.
Conversely, plant growth slows down in the cooler months so plants do not need as much water or nutrients. Plants can often go 2-3 weeks between waterings.

Tip 5.

Look at your plants.  Get to know them. You should notice if something is not going right.  Early intervention is the key to saving them.
Her suggestion for Best Indoor plant Australia and this is her collections too.
best indoor plants for air purification australia

best indoor plants for air purification australia
Guys please her and learn more about indoor plants – Andrea’s instagram 

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