10 Best Rooftop garden In The world – Rooftop garden Designs

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The list of Best Rooftop Garden Design

1.Waldspirale in Darmstadt, Germany

The Waldspirale (which means wooden spiral in German) is a residential building containing 105 apartments and a cafe and bar. The top of the building is planted with native shrubs, grass, flowers, and trees – we would love to live here!

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2. Brooklyn Grange in New York

This amazing urban farm has two New York City locations that total 2.5 acres in cultivation space that produce more 50,000 pounds of organically-grown vegetables each year. The Brooklyn Grange also works with other urban farming projects and operates New York City’s largest apiary with its 30 naturally-managed honey bee hives.

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3. Fichtebunker, Berlin, by Verde Gartengestaltung 

Some projects absorb themselves into the original structure. Built-in 1876 as a gasholder to supply the lanterns of Berlin, and converted into an air-raid shelter during World War II, the Fichtebunker is the only surviving structure of its type in Berlin.

The steel dome of the structure inspired the radial design of 13 new apartments and gardens built into the roof. “Clearly most older urban rooftops are neglected – the sort of ‘junk space’ that Rem Koolhaas has written about,” says Jodidio. “But a combination of rising urban density, high land and construction costs, and interest in ecology have promoted and encouraged the use of areas, even when they are not visible from the ground.” (Credit: Cordia Schlegelmilch)

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4. Vertical Forest, Milan, by Stefano Boeri 

The architects describe their Vertical Forest as “a tower for trees inhabited by humans… a project for metropolitan reforestation”. With 800 trees and 5,000 shrubs, which they call “ecology billboards”, the towers equal an area of 7,000 sq m (75,350 sq ft) of forest on flat land.

“Given their usefulness in creating a heat shield, rooftop gardens are likely to become more and more frequent in contemporary architecture,” says Jodidio. Part of a broader urban renovation project in Milan, the towers were designed for a total of 460 inhabitants, but also 1,600 birds and butterflies.

With foliage changing color throughout the year, and gardens at every level, it’s a dramatic addition to the urban roofscape. (Credit: Laura Cionci)

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Construction time taken from 2008 to 2014 next best vertical garden is going to be built in China.

5. Jeniffer Lopez’s NYC Apartment with the rooftop garden 

Rooftop garden design

Hollywood’s famous celebrity Jeniffer Lopez has this amazing apartment with a beautiful rooftop garden.

This is how a modern house will look like. Because the garden is the best to release stress.


HK Farm is a relatively new farm in the amazingly dense city of Hong Kong. The farm, founded in March this year, aims to communicate the value of rooftop farming and the benefits of locally produced food.

Besides being a farm, the artistic organization behind HK Farm focuses on designing products and offering urban farming-related services in the city of Hong Kong.

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City Farm in Tokyo sets itself apart from European and American rooftop farms. The idea of producing local food for the community is the same and also in Tokyo activities are organized to let the urban population witness how food grows.

The type of food though is slightly different and focused on the Japanese kitchen. Crops produced by City Farm includes rice, eggplants, and soybeans.

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8. Hilgard Garden, Berkeley, California

Mary Barensfeld Architecture’s modern take on a terraced garden, this cast concrete structure uses ramps, rather than steps, for climbing up and down the greenery. A mini ipe-wood terrace toward the top provides a bird’s-eye view of the reflecting pond in the center.
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9. Mill Valley Cabins, Mill Valley, California

While these two cabins almost blend into their environment, they deserve a closer look. On top of the lower one is a green roof designed by Feldman Architecture, Inc., which is studded with succulents that help intercept rushing rainwater.
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10. Romolo Private Terrace, Milan

By using plants as walls, Mazzucchelli designed three distinct spaces—a dining area, large lounge, and cozy relaxation nook—in this open layout terrace. Purple chairs pair perfectly with similarly hued Japanese maples, geraniums, and sedums.
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