Bilva Leaf Benefits and 5 leaf Bilva Patra [ bilva tree for vastu ]

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Bilva Leaf

Bilva Leaf is considered really holy in Indian culture. Bilva Leaf is used for worship of Lord Shiva and used for Vastu uses.

Indian household use Bilva fruit as well as the leaf for the worship purpose. But questions are why and How Bilva leaf is benefited for us?

So let’s start with benefits of Bilva leaf

Bilva leaf health benefits

Diarrhea, cholera, hemorrhoids, vitiligo can be treated with Bilva Leaf

The dried powder of the fruit is used to treat chronic diarrhea. The extract of unripe bael fruit can effectively treat hemorrhoids and vitiligo. It is also used to treat anemia, ear and eye disorders. In Olden days this powder of Bilva leaf is used.

Gastric ulcer can be Treated

Bilva tree has some neutral tendency for the stomach so it can reduce acidity and can treat the Gastric ulcer.

Antimicrobial property

It also has antiviral and antifungal properties that help in treating various infections in the body.

Can control cholesterol

The extract of bael leaf can be used to control the cholesterol level in blood which makes the bael leaves highly therapeutic too.

Respiratory problems can be treated

The oil extracts from bael can be used to cure respiratory disorders like asthma or cold. This oil can also provide resistance to cold when applied to the scalp before a head bath.

Bilva Tree for Vastu

We know Bilva tree leafs are dear to Lord Shiva but How to worship with Bilva leaf and why Bilva tree is good for Vastu.

Tips to Grow Bilva tree in Home garden

‘Bilva’ plant, if planted in west direction, provides prosperity to the owner. Bilva Plant should not be placed on the north side. But if you are Businessman than you should plant ‘Sirish’, ‘Neem’ and ‘Bilva’ towards north within the limits.
According to house Vastu denser plant should not have to be on the north side.

What is 5 leaf bilva patra

The dark trifoliate leaves symbolize the three eyes of Lord Shiva, and contain a small percentage of Shiva’s alchemical substance – mercury. These leaves have a very pleasant aroma, are used in the worship of both Shiva and Devi, and form an essential ingredient in tantric rituals.

It is said that offerings of water sprinkled on these leaves at any shrine will always remain fresh. Sri Bilva Shtakam (v. 5) states, ‘Dantikoti sahasraani avamedhashtaani cha, Koti kanya mahaadaanam eka bilvam Shivaarpanam’, which means “Donating a thousand elephants, and horses, and giving daan (offering) to crores of kanyas (virgin girls) is equivalent to offering one Bilva leaf to Lord Shiva.”

The consumption of Bilva leaves alleviates diseases caused by excess vata and kapha (mucus). They are also useful in diabetes mellitus. For this a few leaves should be chewed daily and their fresh juice drunk. They are diaphoretic (producing more perspiration), thus reducing temperature and lowering fevers, and an aphrodisiac. A decoction of leaves is a favourite remedy for ailments that often occur during seasonal changes, such as fever, flu and fatigue.

– Notes by Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu

Images of 5 Leaf Bilva Tree

5 leaf bilva patra

5 leaf bilva patra

5 leaf bilva patra




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