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Were to Buy Bonsai Trees Online India Store Or Local Store?

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Buy Bonsai Trees online India or offline (Local)

Most Bonsai enthusiasts started their hobby with a ready-made Bonsai tree, brought in a Bonsai shop or received as a present. This is a great way to get started and get a feel of caring for the bonsai tree, although he or she will not experience the fun of creating one’s own tree.

Once the enthusiasm is created about Bonsai, one can eventually learn about growing them. But most of the people still do not know how to buy bonsai trees online in India or offline India.

buy bonsai trees

When you decide to buy a Bonsai tree from the market, you might be overwhelmed by all the different places from where you can buy them.  Bonsai trees can be found online or at your local gardening center or with commercial bonsai growers.

They can be bought as a fully grown tree or as a pre-bonsai material which needs to be pruned and wired to make it into a bonsai.  With so many different places to buy, one needs to be very careful about the quality before buying one. Each place has their advantages and disadvantages.

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Buy Bonsai Trees Online India

Buying from an online store is probably the best place to look for a bonsai since there are many species of bonsai trees to choose from.  You can literally find any varieties of Bonsai tree at your fingertips.  Besides having a large variety of trees to choose from, you can also compare the prices with different online stores to save money.

There are many online stores like Amazon,, etc, which are some of the best places to buy a Bonsai tree.  Here you can find any variety of popular Bonsai trees such as the Juniper, Chinese Elm, Ficus, etc. You will find quality Bonsai trees that have a fairly thick trunk which you can start training it. 

Besides this, each tree comes with its own reviews to let you know what others think of the tree.  This will help you make a decision whether to buy the Bonsai tree from the seller or not. There are many other online stores on the Internet that sells bonsai trees.

Look for reviews about each online store regarding customer service and selection of bonsai trees.

Since you can’t physically touch and see the plant, wherever you decide to buy online, make sure to ask the seller if they have any guarantee on the plant.  Most places will offer a warranty on the Bonsai tree if they know their Bonsai plant is a quality plant. 

If the seller doesn’t offer any kind of warranty, stay away from them.

Local Store India

Since the hobby of growing Bonsai trees is getting popular and popular each year, most gardening stores and nurseries carry Bonsai plants.  Some places might offer more choices than others.  These days, many nurseries do sell readymade Bonsai trees along with pre-bonsai materials. It would be better to buy from these nurseries because their focus is on plants.

Home improvements stores carry them too, but you will rarely find one that is of good quality since they don’t specialize in Bonsai trees. Buying locally has an advantage over buying online because you will be able to inspect the plant before buying it. 

Buying online and buying locally have their advantages and disadvantages. So it’s really up to you to decide where you would like to buy your bonsai tree.  Some people like to shop online while other want to shop locally and look at the product firsthand. 

Where ever you decide to buy from, keep in mind that all Bonsai trees need proper care and attention to grow and stay healthy.

Some advice for buying Bonsai trees

  • A healthy Bonsai tree will be green with a strong sturdy trunk.
  • Do not buy a species that is hard to care for. It is recommended that beginners start with a tree that is easy to care for e.g. Ficus varieties.
  • Buy a tree that will grow in the local climatic conditions and in the environment where you decide to grow it.
  • Always ask for the name and species of the tree that you have bought, so that you can look up for information on how to take care of it properly.
  • Make sure to check if there are any parasites on the tree and in the soil.
  • Many online stores and nurseries sell bonsai seeds. Do not be carried away by these seeds as there is nothing special about it. They are normal seeds that grow into normal trees. Bonsai is the art of miniaturizing a normal tree by various methods like pruning, wiring, defoliation, pruning the roots, etc etc.

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What do you prefer? You buy Bonsai trees online or Offline? Comment Below

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