Calendula a Magical Flower with many benefits

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Calendula – A Magical Flower

  • Calendula Information

    Calendula may sound weird but we can say this flower is cousin of Famous Marigolds flowers.

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  • Calendula in hindi

    In hindi we can say – एक प्रकार का गेंदे का फूल

    In india Marigold or Surajmukhi Ka Phool is More popular.

Calendula plant Growing Tips

Calendula Important Info

Sunlight – Full sun to partial shade
Maturity 45-60 days from seed to flower
Height – 18 to 24 inches
Spacing – 24 to 36 inches apart in all directions


Have bright, sassy orange and yellow flowers 2.5-4 in. across on plants 18-24 in. tall.
Easy to grow indoors or sow outdoors after last frost.
Offer full sun and compost-rich soil or potting soil.
Bloom all season long; deadhead and fertilize to increase blooms.
Like marigolds will help repel insects, so are great for companion planting.

Calendula will produce lots of seed in a similar fashion to a zinnia or marigold. When the blooms dry out, cut them off and hang upside down in bundles. The seeds are contained in the heads, and once dry and crisp, they can be lightly hand-crushed and winnowed from the seed chaff.

Calendula growing Steps

Prepare the location
This plant loves full sunlight but you put in the light shade it will do not harm the plant. Always use normal organic fertilizers nothing fancy is required by this.

Start Planting
If you are Growing Calendula from seeds them you must wait for the first frost to come to take your plant into full sun. until then grow our plant under the Plant Grow Lights.

Insects and disease
Insects and disease are not typically a problem for calendula. In fact, the flower may be helpful for deterring many insect pests, making it a good companion plant for vegetable gardens. Try planting pot marigolds around chard, carrots and tomatoes for added insect protection.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Calendula

1. Possesses Anti-Inflammatory Capabilities
2. Calms Muscle Spasms
3. Heals Ulcers, Wounds & Hemorrhoids
4. Aids Menstruation
5. Contains Antimicrobial & Antiviral Components
6. Improves Oral Health
7. Discourages Cancer.

Calendula Uses

1. To Prevents Premature Aging
2. To Heals Irritated and Wounded Skin
3. To Prevents Acne
4. Help you to Heals Dry Skin
5. Cures Fungal Skin Infections
6. Soothes Contact Dermatitis
7. It is useful to get Dandruff Free Hair.

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