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Deodar Tree

Deodar tree is really popular in the Himalayan region in India. Pakistan is the other region where Devdar tree is available.

National Tree of Pakistan is Deodar tree

According to Indian mythology, Devdar tree means tree of gods. Devdar is the Sanskrit name of Deodar Tree.

Deodar in English – Cedrus

The height of Devdar tree can be up to 40-60 meter. The trunk of the Devdar tree can be about 3 Meter.

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The branches of the Devdar tree are the needle-like shape and with 2.5 – 7 cm length.

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Females cones are 7 to 13 cm long and male cones are 4 – 6 cm long.

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The Devdar tree is the first choice for landscape uses and house decoration. You will find the Devdar tree in every big garden. It is the first choice if the location is good.

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Deodar Tree Uses

The Cedrus tree is really aromatic from inside and for that purpose it is used in aromatic products.

Incense stick for worship is made by these trees.

Aromatic properties are used for making essential oil.

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