Dhaniya in English Meaning – Cilantro Or Coriander?

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What is Dhaniya In English

The Indian herb Dhaniya is really popular in Indian subcontinental as for daily use in vegetables. Dhaniya powder is used as the Daily Spices. What is Called Dhaniya in English?

Information on Dhaniya

Coriander is used for decoration on culinary dishes. Its scientific name is Coriandrum sativum L. Its leaves and fruits have a recognizable and pleasant aroma and are commonly used raw or dried for culinary applications.

Dhaniya in English – Coriander for most part of the world But in USA Dhaniya is called Cilantro 

Dhaniya Powder is coriander powder

First, Dhaniya Seeds are put under the sun for 2-3 days to remove excess moisture from the seeds.Grind the seeds with the grinders and coriander powder is ready.

The Coriander Powder is used in various dishes in Indian houses.

dhaniya in english

Dhaniya powder – Coriander powder

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