Dhaniya Powder in English Meaning [ How to Make ]

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Dhaniya Powder meaning in English With Pictures

Dhaniya is really popular in India as for daily use in vegetables. And Dhaniya powder is used as the Daily Spices, So What is Called Dhaniya powder in English?

  • Dhaniya Powder in English – Corriander Powder

  • Corriander powder in Hindi is called Dhaniya powder

dhaniya powder in english

Dhaniya powder – Corriander powder

These Dhaniya seeds are put in a grinder in order to get Dhaniya powder from Dhaniya seeds.Dhaniya Seeds are put under the sun for 2-3 days to remove excess moisture from the seeds. After that, Seeds are put into Grinder. The resulting Powder is used in various dishes in Indian houses.

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