Easy Plants for kids even children can Grow with Fun

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Easy Plants for kids even children can Grow with Fun

You want quality Time with your Kids But Kids feel tired of growing Plants because it takes time and patient.

So we bring tips for you so that you can grow your plants with kids.Five plants that are easy for children to grow and activities to do with the plants.

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkin varieties come in fun sizes and colours. Try varieties of mini-pumpkins, like the “Munchkin,” which is perfect for little hands, or the “Jack-Be-Littles.” These grow wonderfully in tubs or barrels. Giant pumpkins need plenty of room, so if you have space, try “Connecticut Field” or “Yankee Cow.”

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2. Sunflower Power

Sunflowers are most exciting plants to grow with young children. They grow fast and produce giant, dramatic flowers. Try “Russian Mammoth” or “Paul Bunyan” for towering flowers. Try “Teddy Bear” or “Elf” for two- to four-foot tall flowers, which can be grown in containers.

3. Gourds

Gourds grow in amazing shapes that are great for play and art projects. Try planting a package of small ornamental mixed gourds. You will harvest a wild mix of odd shapes! Also wonderful for art projects are a bottle, diaper, and bushel gourds.

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4. Silver Dollars (sometimes called Money Plants)

Once the pink flowers have bloomed, a flat green seed pod will develop. Once the seedpod has turned brown, pick it from the stem and carefully slip off the covering to expose the beautiful white disk.

5. Four O’Clocks

Four o’clock are flowers with old-fashioned charm. These multicoloured flowers delight children with more than their beauty.

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