Grow Gladiolus in your Rooftop Garden Easily in india

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Easy ways to Grow Gladiolus in your Rooftop garden India

Nowadays roof garden is necessary because humans already occupied more of the land and we are not having free lands to make gardens . in roof garden we will grow flowering plants, they are many but having different climatic needs.

Gladiolus is a flowering plant with tall flower spikes which are also in multiple colours. Gladiolus is a perennial plant means if you grow it once it will give you flowers for years. So by learning small things about growing of gladiolus you can have a beautiful roof garden.

Easy ways to Grow Gladiolus in your Rooftop garden India

Season  plant

Plant the sword lily(common name of gladiolus) in March – April to obtain long spikes.

Climate and temperature

Gladiolus can be easily grown in summer season because it can sustain temperature up to 35°C. Sunlight for 10-12 hours s must for better growth.

Soil Sandy loam soil is best for this and soil should be well drained.

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Sowing for sowing dig a pit of 8 inches then put a corm ( it is a rounded tuber like structure which will work as a seed and you can call it propagation part of gladiolus ) in it.
Corms should be disease free and easily growable.


 every plant needs fertilisers for better growth. For gladiolus use 5-10-10 type of fertiliser. Give it at the bottom of the plant and thoroughly mix it with soil for better spikes.


give water to the plant for every 6-7 days. Irrigation can be stopped in raining season.


you worked hard for getting these beautiful flowers and the time has come for collecting these long spikes. generally, after 100-120 days, spikes are developed. So cut the spikes carefully leaving 4 basil leaves for the development of corms and cormels.

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Special care

mulching(cover the soil near the plant with mulch for 2-3 inches) can be done for retaining moisture and prevention of weed.
If the dead flower is seen cut the flower ASAP. If all flowers are dead then remove the stalk.

Varieties to grow

Tropic Sea, White Prosperity, Priscilla, Summer Sunshine, Pusa Swarnima, Jackson Ville Gold,  Arka Kesar you can select for your garden.

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