Garden bathroom ideas -Decor bathroom with plants

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Garden bathroom ideas – These plants you can have in your bathroom

Just think how pleasant it will be when you will bath having greenery around you giving you an experience of peace, the beauty of nature and the good smell of flowering plants which will add some extra relax to your body. we usually grow plants outdoors and indoors then why not in our bathrooms.we can make a bathroom garden choosing plants which are suitable to grow in low light and high humidity.

what to look for in bathroom plants-

Light- plants which have low light requirement are best for bathroom garden. always use fluorescent light bulbs as they produce wavelengths of light that plants need from sun.many bathrooms may have small windows which allow some light to enter.

Plants in the bathroom should thrive in a humid and moist environment so water requirements vary plant to plant.


Bathrooms tend to be small so plants on the floor is not a good option. most bathroom plants will do well hanging from the ceiling.

Best plants for bathroom-

Aloe vera plant

it is an incredibly useful plant to have around the home, aloe vera juice contains fats, and minerals, its gel can be used for the treatment of oily skin, burns, and cuts.

aloe vera

This plant should be placed close to the bathroom window and it needs low water so the humidity alone may meet most of its water needs.

Bamboo plant

though it doesn’t even need soil so simply put the stalk into a container filled with water. it needs very little light to grow therefore should be placed in the low light area.

Though it is a fast growing plant you have to curtail its growth by shaping it regularly’


Begonias grow better under fluorescent lighting, though they can do well when placed in window locations too.

Dracaena plant

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dracaena plants are fantastic are purifiers, these plants prefer light shades as its leaves will scorch if too bright.

Orchid plant in garden bathroom

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By the addition of this elegant plant give your bathroom a luxury spa feel, place it in low light place so light won’t cause leaves can be placed on the corner of the bath tub or next to the sink because of its compact flower.

Peace lily plant

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it is a striking flower with white blooms and do well in the low indirect light.
it purifies air and that’s why give it a place near your steamy shower.

Ivy plant in garden bathroom

Image result for Ivy plant

These are good air purifiers which will keep your bathroom clean and hygienic by removing molds from surrounding air.
it is to be placed in hanging position in the basket where the leaves grow trailing down.
needs moderate exposure to light and will do well in humidity.
these are the plants which are going to add beauty and hygiene in your bathroom giving you fresh air and smell help you to get more relaxed while bathing.

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