Best Garden Design Software / App That make you Smart

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Top 10 best Garden Design Software you Should Have

When everything Becoming smart your garden also needs a digital Technology, so we have found you the best Garden Design Software and App so you can Make you garden Awesome.

1. Best gardening App

1. The Landscaper’s Companion

About App –  Plant and Garden Reference Guide, $6.99 from Stevenson Software

Another summary like Florafolio, this application can help you make and sort out plant records for yourself or your customers. Manhattan Garden creator Bruce James of City/Country Gardeners says he utilizes this application despite the fact that he found the inquiry work to some degree hard to get used to. The Landscaper’s Companion offers a broad database of plants (it claims 26,000) you can seek by different criteria including size, shading, development prerequisites, and imperviousness to deer. Similarly as with Florafolio, there is a “top picks” petition for sorting out plant determinations.

2.  Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens

About the App – $2.99 from Sutro Media This particular application records less than 100 plants, all handpicked to work in a little garden. There is an instructive presentation page which discloses to you what data is incorporated about each plant and portrays how the pursuit capacity ought to be utilized (Dirr application planners, observe). Sort in “Echinacea” and you get Echinacea.

3. Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder

About the App -$14.99 from Timber Press

A few garden fashioners prescribed this application to me, which is not astonishing since Michael Dirr is a hero of the agriculture world. His thorough The Manual of Woody Landscape Plants ($67.41 at Amazon) is respected and all around relied on by genuine cultivators. The application depends on the great book and indicates to cover 9,400 woody plants including trees, bushes, vines, and groundcovers. The photographs are magnificent.

4 . Perennial Match

About the App – $4.99 from Harmony Systems, Inc.

This app contains an easily accessed database of perennials, but its real purpose is to allow you to see how plants look together.  You select from a long list that includes a lot of natives and places them in a template that shows their photos side by side.  Tap the data button and it will display the requirements for each plant in adjoining columns for easy comparison.

2.Some of the Best garden Software

1-Realtime Landscaping Pro

This is a professional landscaping program that comes to you as a free download and it offers you a good piece of backyard design software as well. Since it uses 3D design your designs will look as if they are real pictures of existing gardens. As a result, you could plan and landscape your garden in a professional manner with it.


Irrespective of whether you are a novice to garden planning or an experienced one, SmartDraw allows you to create your own garden designs with elegant ease. In addition to gardens, you also could design patios and decks with it. It is able to add barbecues and grills, foot paths, umbrellas, picnic tables, fountains and a number of other fixtures into your garden as well.

 3-Garden Visualizer

This software program will allow you to put all your garden design ideas on a beautiful 3D design and visualize it in order to help you edit it and achieve the best-suited plan for your garden. Being able to add your home also within the design is a special feature you will find in this beautiful software.

4-Plan-a Garden

‘Plan-a-Garden’ is a beautiful free landscape design tool which is also easy to use. There are buildings and shrubs as well as trees that could be dragged and dropped into the picture in order to plan your dream home garden. It could design any small garden the same way you do a large one with it.

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