10 Gardners To Follow on Instagram – How Many do you follow?

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If you follow gardening on Instagram, you might come across many gardeners.but if you want to follow some awesome gardeners, you have to read this blog. This list is not a ranking of the gardeners. this list is for the information purpose only. 1 Pdxplants Bio –  Trees, flowers, and cats around Portland, Oregon, USA. All photos are mine. Taken with Nikon … Read More

Bonsai Tree Types and Styles Guide Information [longest guide]

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Bonsai Tree Types and Styles guide Now the Biggest Bonsai tree Guide ever for Bonsai tree types and styles.Bonsai styles can be grouped in many ways. Based on the tree’s angle of growth from a container, there are five basic styles in bonsai. They provide the starting point for exploring other styles. Over the years, many classifications of bonsai trees … Read More

Women Who Surround Themselves With Plants Live Longer? Really

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Women, Who Surround Themselves With Plants Live Longer? Really All aboard the Jungalow trend—new research says living in the midst of vegetation can actually extend your lifespan. The research comes out of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It analyzes the results of an eight-year study that looked into a potential link between … Read More

Who Was Tulsi ? Tulsi Vivah Story In Hindi

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Who Was Tulsi तुलसी कौन थी? तुलसी(पौधा) पूर्व जन्म मे एक लड़की थी जिस का नाम वृंदा था, राक्षस कुल में उसका जन्म हुआ था बचपन से ही भगवान विष्णु की भक्त थी.बड़े ही प्रेम से भगवान की सेवा, पूजा किया करती थी.जब वह बड़ी हुई तो उनका विवाह राक्षस कुल में दानव राज जलंधर से हो गया। जलंधर समुद्र … Read More

Safeda Mango – A Gem in Mango variety

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Safeda Mango Hi, welcome to my rooftop garden blog here we will share easy information blog about gardening in India and world. Safeda Mango is juicy and mouthwatering with greatest of tastes. The Fresh Safeda Mango has become a delicacy and a hot favorite for clients in India and abroad alike. Season to Grow Safeda Mango – April to June Safeda Mango … Read More

Langra Mango- How Langra Name Given to This Mango

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Langra Mango Hi, Welcome to myrooftopgarden.com here we will share information related to gardening. Langra mango is a famous Indian type mango variety, it is known as the best in mango category.It comes late in the summer season. Story of Langra mango naming Langra is a Hindi word and means ‘lame’ in English. Langra aam is believed to have originated … Read More

Himsagar Mango – A Complete Detail about Ripe Mango

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Himsagar Mango Perhaps the shortest lived season amongst all. Bengalis know their sweets so when they swear by Himsagar mangoes, it’s wise to sit up and take notice. Fiber-less and fleshy, these yellow mangoes are great in milkshakes too. The season lasts all of four weeks so don’t wait too long. Himsagar mango (Ripe Mango) Information Himsagar is an extremely popular mango cultivar, originating … Read More

Dasheri Mango Picture, taste and Availability [Complete information]

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Dasheri Mango Hi if you love mango I hope you will love this blog post also if you do them please comment on your favourite mango variety. Dasheri mango is really popular in India because of the taste and the colour of the mango.Dasheri mangoes are long and oval shaped, with a light green or yellow-green skin when mature, becoming golden … Read More