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Garden Management Plan Tips By Lindsay H

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Garden Management

Hello, Guys, you want to optimize your garden to get the maximum from your garden so you must learn from Lindsay, She is Expert in Garden Managment. So let’s Ask her Some Questions about how she manages her Garden.

Please tell us how big your house or garden is? And tell us about your self.
Lindsay -My garden is around 880 square feet, divided into 2 sections by a walking path. I decided to start a garden this year for a few reasons. I wanted to fence off that section of my yard to stop my dogs from harassing and barking at anyone walking by, prove that I could actually grow something without killing it, I wanted to reduce my grocery bill and I wanted to start eating healthier food. I made a lot of mistakes and will do many things differently next year, but overall it was a success! All of my plants were started from seed, inside the house and were planted outside in June.

What type of plants you have in your garden?
Lindsay – I live in southeast Michigan, in zone 6b so I am growing mostly annual plants but have begun adding some perennial plants that can survive the cold winters here. Currently I am growing sugar snap peas, white potatoes, white onions, slicing cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, red onions, beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, honeydew melon, watermelon (BIG FAIL, no melons made it to edible size!), banana peppers, bell peppers, sweet chili peppers, green tomatillos, green, yellow and purple beans, as well as sweet potatoes. All of those plants are growing in the ground.
In my container garden, I am growing Whopper strawberries, Ozark Beauty strawberries, Pink Lemonade blueberries, Peach Sorbet blueberries, Jellybean blueberries, Red Dwarf thorn-less raspberries and Yellow Anne raspberries.
How you manage to grow that much plant in small area.
Lindsay – I really wanted to squeeze as many plants into my garden as possible, so I did a lot of research on the Square Foot gardening method on Youtube and checked out what other people were doing on Instagram. I did not stick exactly with that method but I did use a lot of their suggested spacing as a guideline.
I planted my plants in bunches, instead of rows and left only very small spaces for accessing the back areas. Everything grew very well but next year I will space my pea plants further apart for better airflow, and I will plant my bean plants closer together, for more production.
I will also be planting my melon plants further apart next year. 12″ between plants was just not enough and the plants became very tangled together and difficult to prune.

Please provide 5 tips for space optimisation.
  • Trellis everything to send it growing vertically. Use anything you have or can get for free, it doesn’t need to be fancy. I used cheap wood material from the hardware store, bamboo poles and $2 metal cages. It keeps thing neater and allows you to squeeze in more plants.
  • Use containers…I ran out of ground space so I started planting in containers. I am growing 50+ strawberry plants in 5 square feet, instead of having a 50 ft bed on the ground.
  • Prune aggressively! I pruned my plants for good airflow and to keep them inside their cages or support structures. I didn’t allow any of the plants to spill over and start taking space from their neighbor…it also helps stop smaller plants from being shaded out by the bigger ones.
  • Be proactive with pest and disease management. Pests and diseases spread very quickly and easily in a high density garden, so make sure you walk your garden every day and keep your eyes peeled for issues. Organic pest control solutions work best as preventative measures so research organic pest control methods that work best in your area.

What is your favorite gardening pot and where do you get them from or any DIY?

Lindsay –  My favorite garden pot is whichever ones work best! I have my strawberry plants potted in laundry baskets and it’s working out fabulously! I didn’t even have to buy them, I already had them in my house. For the rest of my container garden, I have used 17-gallon tubs, they are sold at any hardware store as “utility tubs” for about $5. I used a drill with a large bit to drill tons of holes in the bottom for drainage. Pre-drilled pots of that size are very expensive, $30 or more so I was able to save a lot of $$ by drilling the holes myself.

Pictures from Lindsay’s Garden

From Lindsay

Overall, my first-year garden has been a great success and a very satisfying experience. I’ve learned everything by watching youtube videos and asking questions to other gardeners online. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions, I have found that everyone is very nice and loves to share info!

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