Garden walk interview series – with Kimberly

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Garden walk interview series – with Kimberly

welcome guys to our Series of interview Talk with Great gardening stars and Healthy People that inspire us to live healthily and make our planet more healthy.

So today we have with us the very beautiful and very fit and healthy Kimberly, So let’s take you to the interview question without wasting your time.

1. Tell us more about you, Kimberly

Nothing More but yes I love animals, my favorite color is red.

2. When people see your profile they all ask how you are so fit.

I’m so fit because I joined the healthy life style, I say!  I work out and eat great food.

3. Do you like rooftop gardening idea?

Yes, I like the idea, it is really useful and practical.

4. If you have to grow every food that you use for yourself for your entire life what type of plants you will grow??

I would grow every vegetable , fruit ! (She is fit so she can grow all the vegetable)

5. What tips do you give to our viewers to stay fit and healthy like you?

drink lots of water (yes if you can drink 10 ltr of water every day it will be very helpful) , snack through out the day but healthy snacks fruit , peanuts etc

6. What is the best garden you ever visited?

Best garden was my mothers at her ranch. (Garden forms a special connection beetwen the family)

7. Now please share your dream and future plan. So your followers can know what Kimberly is up to.

my dream is to have a big mansion home for my family, and I’m still thinking about my future plan there’s just so much.(Guys check out her profile for awesome and healthy pictures)

follow her on Instagram at @pureekimberly

Thank you and please one selfie with plant or garden for our #greenselfie campaign.


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