Gardening Chat with the hottest Indian model Nastiya Roy

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1. Tell us more about you Nastiya Roy.

Ans. I am always ready to face challenges and get along with people very well. I believe in vision and action. I learn from my mistakes. I am fun loving, strong, beautiful and easy going girl.

2. You are an actor and model what is the most amazing compliment you ever got by someone?

Ans. I get compliments like I’m Very Simple, Down to earth, Hot, Sexy…goes on!!!

3. how do you decorate your home? Do you have balcony garden or something?
Ans. I like keeping things simple, so as my room, there is a balcony with few plants there.
4. Do you like rooftop gardening idea?

Ans. Yes, that is a very good idea and I would love to have a place as such.

5.If you have to grow every food that you use for your self for your entire life what type of plants you will grow?😜 Only 5

Ans. Rice, Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits (watermelon, Custard apple).

6.What tips you give to our viewers to stay fit and healthy like you. And what keeps you motivated.

Ans. Eat well, sleep well, exercise and stay happy as simple as that.

7. What is the best garden you ever visited?

Ans. Hmmm, I think in Mysore.

8 Now please share your dream and future plan. So your followers can know what Nastiya is up to.

Ans. Well, I ‘ve been doing some International shoots and wish to continue the same and be on the top list and also go round the world.

9. Do you have any indoor plant?

Ans. Yes very few.

10. If you have to gift a plant to following what will you choose?

1. For mom – Lilly’s
2. For dad – Sunflower
3. Your favorite celebrity – Heliotrope
4. Your bf – Rose 🙂

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