Gardening india

Gardening India – A Complete guide for your gardening questions

Gardening in India is trending nowadays, People want more plants inside and nearby their houses.But the information available on the internet specific to Indian condition is not sufficient, so we have collected all the details that you must know before starting your gardening.

What are the best gardening tools available in India

Tools are most essentials for gardening and getting tools in India is quite an easy task, if you know what types tools that you need.

Because India was an agricultural economy and due to that we have most of the agricultural tools available to all parts of the country.

Read about the gardening tools that you might need.

Types of soil in India

India is a big country and with many geographically difference so you can see different types of soil in different part of the country.

6 Types of Soil found in India
  •  Alluvial Soils
  •  Black Soils
  • Red Soils
  • Laterite Soils
  • Mountain Soils
  • Desert Soils
Balcony Gardening in India

Now, most of the population lives in the city, not in villages and cities are so crowded that they can not have the backyard garden or front side garden. So they can only have balcony garden or rooftop garden in their home or apartment.

So here are some tips for balcony gardening in India

First what types of plants that you can grow in a balcony garden? the following blog post link will help you select your plants for balcony gardening.

Balcony garden containers or Gamla

Balcony garden is part of the house decoration nowadays, here are some of the best looking gardening containers ideas that can help.

Rooftop Gardening in India

Rooftop gardening is new and trending in India. it is good because you can use the big areas of the terrace.

The Rooftop garden has benefits of direct sun and open environment so that you can grow most of the plants that you can grow in the open ground.

People were skeptical about the rooftop gardening because of the leakage and damage to the terrace.But with little care, you can easily get rooftop garden.

you are fine with terrace garden just do not grow the big tree on the rooftop garden.

Here are the few tips for Rooftop gardening in India