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What is green Roof and Green Roof Technique In Detail [Advantage Included

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Green roof? What is that?

A Green Roof is the sum of more than just plants. A key component to successful Green Roof implementation is the waterproof membrane that protects the roof from excess moisture. Similarly, a growing medium that provides proper drainage and aeration is essential.Here is some green roof roof

What to do to make green roof water proof?

Waterproof Roof – First thing you need to check is that is your Roof is waterproof from the base (construction)? Even if you use container or bed for your garden you need to have a waterproof roof structure. No leakage has to be our goal while gardening because it can make our home week.

Insulation Layer or Stuffing – your Roof is waterproof but still, we need strong insulation for our green roof garden.When it comes to roofing insulation you can try these following roof technology

TARPAULIN – This the best way to make your roof waterproof. These plastic sheets are strong and flexible. Tarpaulin is easily available in your city or even in your home.

Note – Indian can have this sheet from the local truck servicing shops because of trucks driver use for insulation too.

Membrane Waterproofing – But If you have a big roof and looking for a permanent fix you have to go for a Membrane waterproofing.

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A bituminous waterproofing membrane is used for reinforced concrete roof waterproofing. This waterproofing membrane comes on site in the form of rolls manufacturers and packed in the factory properly sealed.

 Green roof with Garden bed 

The garden bed is the lofted area where the plant is plotted. This is really important in rooftop garden because it increases insulation to a rooftop.
Making garden bed can be in two ways one is the traditional way with cement like we see in park and garden. But this bed can increase the load on the roof.
green roof technology
Wood bed is Easy to make and design. you can make your own design with your creativity.
Water clearing system – When we grow a plant on the roof the problem is about removing the water and the other mud from the roof.
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  • Make sure your bed height is more them the level soil.
  • Bed or rooftop should be straight if the not straight proper water removal path has to be made.
  • Net can be used to save your soil from getting dry and blow into other parts of the roof.
  • Sprinkler should be used for giving water to the plants.

Green Roof Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The idea of improving the quality of the urban air and minimizing the heat island effect makes sense, and green roofs can provide benefits for the homeowner: extremely high roof insulation, increased protection of the roof, lower air-conditioning costs.
  • But you should also consider issues like the weight of the materials used on the rooftop and its impact on the roof beams and building structures, the maintenance and the survival of the plants (high winds that can blow away the plants, extreme temperatures…), water leaks and waterproofing problems (extensive to flat roofs) and drainage and maintenance costs and cares.

Disadvantage of Green Roof

  • Structural Limitations
  • Installation and Maintenance Costs
  • Damage from Leaks
  • Limited Choice of Plants

Vertical gardening – If you have less space in your roof, you can try vertical gardening. In this size of the plant, we have to choose according to the vertical bed we are using.

vertical garden

Benefits of vertical gardening are the less water consumption and better productivity. you can even create a business with vertical gardening. Because less space you can manage the atmosphere of the garden, so you can grow anything.

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