Guar in English | Gawar Phali in English | What is Guar phali

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What is Guar in English

Guar or Gawar Phali is really loved in north India. Guar is really healthy and because it is a green vegetable it is recommended by mom and doctors.

You know Gawar Phali is easy to grow in the backyard or small garden. we can get more guar from one plant.

Season to grow – it is grown in the winter season in India, from September to February.

What is Called Guar in English

Gawar Phali in English – cluster beans

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Health benefits of Guar Phali

  •  Full of Nutrients
  • Resolve anemia
  • Great for Diabetics
  • Beneficial for the cardio health
  • Make Bone Strong
  • Better Blood Circulation
  • Recommended during pregnancy
  • Helps manage blood pressure
  • Stimulates bowel movement
  • Do away with diseases

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