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How To Grow Rose Plant from Cutting [ Gulab ke phool ]

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How to Grow Rose Plant by Cutting [ Gulab ke Phool ]

Gulab or Rose is easy to grow if you have patience. Rose plant can make your house front beautiful, and if you have much space then you can grow rose for business purpose also. But how to grow rose from cutting?

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Here is the Step by step process for Gulab growing tips

Step 1 – Cutting is a branch that is taken out from a rose try in around 30 cm size. Make sure you did not let the Cutting too much longer in the air. Try to take the branch with the half flower in that it is found that it grows more faster them regular plant.

Step 2 – Gulab plant cutting does not grow in only water and provide in just two weeks. For Rose plant, you have to put the cutting in the compost moist and provide it a good amount of moisture. it can take much as six weeks to roots to take place. that is why i said Gulab plant needs time.

Step 3 – How to Put cutting in the soil in the right amount is a trick, you have to make sure you put the compost in the soil before placing cutting the soil.Make sure you place the cutting more than 60% below the ground so that it can stand on its own. if it can not stand on it’s on soon or later it will die soon.

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Step 4 – Now you have to take care of your Gulab plant in a good manner first keep it in normal sunlight. Only water the soil when the soil absorbs the excess water from the surface.

Best time to grow rose plant is in winter or if the temperature is below 10’c. Best time to grow the rose plant in India is starting from Nov to March you can easily grow the Gulab Ke Phool.

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