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Best Gift a Herb Basket – How to Make [ Gifts ideas and price ]

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Herb Basket – Best Gift

if your friend is health conscience and you want to give him or her the perfect gift? them i have found this perfect gift – A Herb basket.

Yes, a Basket full of herbs that can be grown in the small basket and you can give your friend that basket so he or she can have organic herbs.

These Herb baskets are in high demand right now due to its use and a practical gift.

How to make herb basket at home


Selecting the herbs, This is the first step to create a herb basket. you can choose the herbs according to the wants of the person who is going to receive it.

Step 2

The basket is the most important part of the gift because it is most useful part of the herb basket.So you need to take care of these few tips before creating your herb basket.

  • Size of the container basket should have more than 25 cm diameter and 10 cm height.
  • the container should have a hanging string so it can be hanged near the kitchen so one can easily access the herbs.
  • Good separation is provided if you are growing 2-3 herbs in a basket.
Step 3

Now the last step depends on your creativity.you have to decore your herb basket.

This depends on the time invested by you. But if you are in a hurry please check out these herb basket designs.

Herb Basket Designs

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Image result for herb basket

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Image result for herb basket





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