How to grow Coriander at home

Tips to Grow Coriander at Home- Top 5

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Tips to grow Coriander at home in Hindi

Winter is coming and many gardeners started growing coriander in their backyard Garden. coriander is easy to grow with fewer efforts but if consider these 5 Tips before growing Coriander(dhania) result will be awesome.

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These are Top 5 Tips for Coriander

Tips 1

Watch the plants carefully as the weather gets hotter. coriander has a short life cycle and bolts quickly (develops seed) in hot weather. Once coriander sets seeds, the plant quickly starts to degrade.

Tips 2

The large coriander seeds are easy to harvest and handle. Harvest on a dry day. Cut the top of the stems when the seedpods begin to turn brown and crack if pressed. Make sure pods are harvested before they release seeds into the garden.

Once stems are cut, place seedpods in a paper bag so seeds will be caught. Finish the ripening process for a few weeks in a dark, well-ventilated, cool place. Pods can be shaken or rolled around in your hands to release the seeds.

Tips 3
Use fresh coriander seeds. Coriander seeds especially are prone to infestation by small bugs that dwell inside the seed. They will eat away the from the inside, making it nonviable.

Tips 4

Coriander plant is not without its share of pests. It is not uncommon to see tiny bugs or aphids on your coriander plant when growing coriander.  Coriander is attacked often by the following pests.

Tips 5

Regarding the wet tissue method, you take a tissue paper and moist it with water. You can use a spray a fine mist of water to moist it. Once moist, take few seeds, place it on the wet tissue and wrap it.

The tissue is now placed in a ziplock bag. After 2 days you can check the progress. Seeds will readily sprout in this method.

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