How to Grow Mint from Cutting [ Step By Step Process ]

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How to grow mint from cutting

How To Grow Mint from cutting

We Love mint as a herb and it is really easy to grow. But if you are thinking to grow your mint garden by Cutting, these are the steps.

Why grow from Cutting? well, there is not so much big difference between cutting mint or mint seed. But if you know some tricks you can easily reuse your Mints plants.

Here is the Step by step process to grow Mint from Cutting

Step 1 – First take a cutting from your mint plants in the following measure, First, it should be about 8 cm Long or above, you should cut just below from the leaf node ( the point on the stem where leaves emerge ). try to have a cutting with fewer leafs as possible.

Step 2 – Now take the cutting into a Glass container having water and placed your plant in half inside and half outside. The place should be airy and placed in some place that sun does not effect much. have the cuttig inside the glass container till the roots aprears.

Step 3 – Prepare the compost pot. After the roots appear we have to take our plant to the compost pots that can help the plant to grow easily. But this is not the final step this is second last step to prepare the plant for a normal garden condition.

Step 4 – Take a pot filled with worm Compost or Black Soil and plant the mint cutting. water the pot up to the plant and cut the top of the branch so that less water can drain from the mint plant. But do not place this outside into sun for two weeks.

Step 5 – This is the final step for your mint plant from the cutting. after two weeks in compost pot, you can put the plant into your garden. And enjoy the mint aroma into your garden.


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