How to Grow Orange Tree in Rooftop garden to save money

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How to Grow Orange Tree in Rooftop garden- Steps and Tips

You can grow an orange tree on your terrace, though obviously not to full size because as the canopy grows, so do the roots and those can damage your terrace.
 Instructions for growing indoor citrus:

Important Information to grow orange Tree

However, you should grow these in strategically placed pots or containers – we’ve found 2 ft pots (which is also 2 ft deep) to be ideal for a lot of the things you mentioned – Chiko, mango, guava, pomegranate, papaya, passion fruit and many others can be grown also thus. The cooler season in Delhi should allow for even cooler climate fruits like peaches, pears, oranges etc.

Use round pots and not square pots since strong roots can pop the latter open after a while. Also, the fact that you are growing in pots gives you considerable flexibility to move them around. From time to time you may need to re-pot your plants after trimming the excess roots – after the first couple of years.

Ensure that the plant gets at least 5 hours of sunlight every day. Water the soil only when it is dry. Don’t keep watering on a daily basis even if the soil is wet. This will lead to root rot.

The trees should be pruned regularly to ensure that they don’t grow over 3-4 feet tall, but can still be pretty productive. Mulch the soil in the pots to retain moisture since the climate is on the drier side.

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Point To Take care while Growing orange tree

  •  You need large sized planters or containers to grow edible fruit trees.
  •  Avoid planting fruit trees in shallow planters & in the area with less sunlight.
  •  The soil-manure layer of your planter should be minimum 3-4 feet deep.
  •  You can also plant them in large drums with drainage holes at the bottom.
  •  Fruit trees require full sunlight(6-8 hours) for fruit formation.
  •  Get the good quality grafted dwarf varieties of Mango, Guava, Chickoo, Pomegranate etc. from reliable nursery source.

No Roof Access? Try Orange Bonsai Tree

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What is Bonsai? if you Don’t know click Here

These are The Benefits of orange bonsai tree
  • My votes to bonsai plants portable, beautiful and loaded with Oranges, even more than trees.
  • You can display seasonal fruits.
  • No damage to terrace floor.
  • No water seepage.
  • You can grow shrubs instead, in big pots.
  • But I will not recommend any deeply rooted tree on the terrace which may result in water seepage till ground floor.
  • The seasonal trees will shed leaves, attract birds, insects, bats also resulting in the floor always full of dry leaves, rotten fruits, birds, poo, screaming of bats at night.
  • The better idea is to plant fruits and flowers trees, creeper in the soil surrounding the building if there is space available.

But how to grow Bonsai Tree want to learn step by step – check This blog

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