how to grow pansies in pot

How to grow Pansies plants in pots at home by Mary Lovstad

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How to grow Pansies plants in pots

Hello Gardeners, we love pansies and we want to learn How to grow Pansies plants in pots, So contact the pansies expert and we can say full garden expert mary lovstad to explain you about a tub full of pansies.

A Washtub Full of Spring Pansies

I LOVE Pansies…happy little pansies… this flower is regarded as a symbol of remembrance.  They are the first flowers I get to plant in the spring and they do great all summer long if you keep them in partial shade. Pansies are also nearly the last to freeze at the end of the season – they love that cool fall weather…I often still have them blooming up to Thanksgiving here in Iowa.

how to grow pansies in pot

These pretty little things are kind of fool-proof and I should know — I’m kind of lazy and just want easy, pretty flowers that can be neglected and then still forgive me by coming back to life with a little water and a bit of deadheading (picking off the dead flowers).


Pansies are edible and they look gorgeous on a cake, but I’m not much for eating flowers, so if you do want to use them for food decorations or flavoring (they have a mild mint taste) make sure they have organically grown…no icky chemicals for consumption, please!


You can plant them in just about any kind of pot, but being a farm girl my favorite planter is a washtub I found at the local farm store years ago.  Luckily rustic style is in and you can order them now online or find them in a  local craft or hardware store.   I have a few hints below to create one.


To Create a Washtub Pansy Planter

1. Select a container for your planter, buy flowers and soil.  


My old washtub is very large and heavy when filled with planting soil, but there are many sizes available and craft stores will have a smaller, lighter version.  how to grow pansies in pot


I found this one at a local craft store for under $10.00 which is much lighter than my old galvanized one.  It is 15” wide at the top, 9” wide at the bottom and 9.5” tall.


2. Provide some drainage for your planter.

 There are several ways that you can do this and I like the simplest — creates some holes in the bottom of your tub.  You can do it the fancy way with a drill or like me use a good sized nail — not one of those dinky things you hang pictures with and hammer about 3 to 8 holes in the bottom of your tub – the bigger the tub the more holes.   Distribute them evenly for better drainage.  Several other ways to provide drainage without creating a hole in your tub are:


    1. Layer the bottom of your tub with fairly large pieces of broken terracotta pots — use up some of your old chipped ones for this purpose.  
    2. Another easy option is to use an old pool noodle your kids have outgrown or buy one – they are very inexpensive.  Cut it into circles and layer the bottom of your tub.  I used a serrated bread knife to easily cut the noodle into smaller pieces.  Not only do you save money because you don’t need as much soil, it makes your tub lighter, and does a good job of moisture control.  This is the method I’m using for this blog.
    3. Last and my least favorite is to use an old styrofoam cooler by breaking it into pieces for the bottom of your tub.

How to grow Pansies plants in pots

3. Fill with good quality potting soil.

 Any potting soil will do, but I do find that I have the best luck with Miracle Grow.  If you are using the terracotta, noodle or styrofoam options make sure your layer is loose and spaces between the pieces to allow for the drainage.

How to grow Pansies plants in pots

4 . Plant your pansies.

Dig a hole for your first flower in your tub — keep it a couple inches from the edge and the depth should be just a little deeper that the height of the container you purchases your flowers in.  I will also add a little water to the hole if the soil is pretty dry.



Take your flower out of the container to plant.

 Break up the root ball a bit before planting to encourage plant growth and development.

How to grow Pansies plants in pots


6.Plant the remainder of your plants evenly in your tub.

 I have four 4” pots and they filled up my tub nicely.  A Pot this size might take 5 or 6 smaller flowers planted at least 2 ½ “ apart.  They will spread nicely so you don’t need to crowd them.

Water and enjoy.  If you don’t have a self-fertilizing soil, fertilize in 2 weeks per instructions on your fertilizer.

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How to grow Pansies plants in pots

About the Author

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  1. I love pansies,too. They are the first plants I plant in spring. I do a lot of baskets so this was of interest.

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