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How to Pick Mango – Tips to Choose perfect mango

We love mango and we love the sweet taste of the mango but, we also hate when a not ripe mango or bad mango we get. Some tips on how to pick a mango that is sweet and perfectly ripen.

You may not have a mango whisperer in your family. And in that case, shopping for and choosing mangoes can be overwhelming.

You might end up with a mango that’s impossible to cut, overly stringy, or outrageously sour; mangos don’t reveal all their secrets to casual inspection.

Tips on how to pick a mango

  • Do not judge from color, color is not the best indicator of ripeness.
  • Squeeze the mango gently. if you get slithy it means mango is ripe.
  • Mango is similar to peaches, Both become soft after-ripen.
  • This is the common ways in which Indian housewife check the mango, Smell the top end of the mango and you will get fruit sweet smell.
  • People argue that red is good and perfectly ripe but, this is not that case trust your experience only.

How to Ripen a Mango

To speed up the ripening of less-than-ready mangos at home, wrap each mango with newspaper or cover them with a towel. Paper or fabric gives the mangos a head start while still allowing them room to breathe.

A common trick is also that put less ripen mangos into a box full of wheat. This is used in India.

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How to cut a mango?

What are the ways to cut mango with style? we have an infographic that can help you understand how to cut a mango.

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