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How to pick a watermelon

When you eat fresh and cold watermelon in the summer you feel so good but when you bought a bad watermelon you feel so bad. So, How to pick a watermelon?

Watermelon has a hardcover on the outer shell so you can not see inside quality of the watermelon.

When we cut watermelon and have a look and found it all white it is really bad feeling.

Here are some tips to pick a watermelon

A watermelon with a splotch on its bottom and an empty sound means it is overflowing with juice and at the pinnacle of its time.

Buying watermelons at farmers or farm take out much of the guesswork: Farmers know their business and will only harvest watermelons for sale when they’re truly ripe.

How to Pick watermelon by stripes?

How to pick a watermelon

Steps to pick a watermelon

Watermelon should feel heavy according to the size of a watermelon.

Watermelon stays on the grounds when they get bigger and after being on the ground it develops a yellow spot. Always look for a yellow spot.

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Tap the underbelly of the watermelon. A ripe one will have a deep hollow sound. Under-ripe or over-ripe melons will sound dull.

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