Kate Gracy Furtado is a Gardening Fan Know Her more

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INTERVIEW with Kate Gracy Gracy Furtado

1 Tell us more about your self?

I define my self as a girl with Go -Get – Attitude. I am used to working hard and i enjoy and love working hard.

2. Your Instagram profile is so beautiful I guess your home is also beautiful.

Well thank you for the compliment. I stay in a 2BHK apartment and you know how girls like to keep their house clean and neat. i am one of them..

3. Do you like rooftop gardening idea?

Yes i love the idea… Our great land of Goa is all about greenery around you which makes it look more beautiful. It is very healthy that we have greenery surrounding us…. physically as well as mentality cause there is so much positive energy when a person is surrounded with plants and trees.

4. If you have to grow every food that you use for your self for your entire life what type of plants you will grow? Only 5

That,s difficult as i have to write only 5, When ill have my own garden i would love to grow as much as vegetables and fruits i can cause that will be so beautiful and an amazing journey to connect with the nature more personally. As i have to name only 5 i would say
1 – Carrots – as i am obsessed with carrot juice
2 – Tomatoes
3 – Beets
4 – Leafy greens
5 – coconut plant and lots and lots of flowers

5. What tips do you give to our viewers to stay fit and healthy like you?

First of all please love your body, Know it , love it and treat your body like a holy place. Have lot of respect for your body, We all should have that respect for our body which should come from our heart,that is where you will start a healthy mentality. Stay away from junk food, eat lots of greens and fruits. Thats the thing our parents taught us since childhood to have vegetables and fruits. Connect to the nature. Fruits benefit your body immensely as they are natural sources of vitamins and minerals … Eating fruit and vegetables may promote emotional well-being among .
Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients The nutrients in vegetables are vital for health and maintenance of your body. I totally disagree that there is a good body and a bad body. I personally believe that There is nothing called good body or bad body, there is only a healthy body and unhealthy body. He / She who flaunts their 8 pack abdominal muscles doesn’t have to be consider or judged always healthy similarly a person with a big fat body doesn’t have to be consider or judged always unhealthy.

6. What is the best garden you ever visited?

I have visited many gardens but the best garden i have seen is my very close friend Miss Leona fernandes. She has a small 1BHk apartment on the ground floor, outside her bedroom there was an extra place where the previous owner of the apartment used it for garbage. My friend after moving there noticed that there was enough space to make her own garden. She worked on it and made that place into a small beautiful garden with a swing. Its a small area but for me that’s the best garden i have visited. I really respect her that.

7.Now please share your dream and future plan. So your followers can know what you are up to up to.

As i have mentioned earlier, I have a dream which is my goal of having a house with a decent space where i can have my own garden. Very soon i will have live my dream as all my life i have been working towards it. I see my future home , I see my self talking to the plants , watering them, feeding them,plucking fruits and vegetables with my children’s. i want my children to know the value of nature, to know the value of plants and trees in our lives, how important role they play in our lives and how to respect them. Ultimately we are living on their planet.

8. Do you have any indoor plant?

As i stay in an apartment i have plants indoor only where my dog snoopy always around me when i water them. Its all in my balcony which is attached to my bedroom. It has become a routine as when i go to get water,my dog knows m going to water the plant so he follows me and around me till i finish.

9. Do you have any funny incidents or story about the garden and you?

Funny? i don’t know this was funny or not but in my childhood days when we moved here to Goa India, every Sunday we 3 sisters used to go to garden to play as they had a swing and I remember my sisters pushing the swing with all their strength which made me fly from the swing, landing flat on my face.

Thankfully i landed on grass but it was still painful. It was a painful moment for me but a fun to them as they were laughing at me that particular time till I started crying which made them run in a fear of getting beaten up from mom.

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