Top 5 Kaju Tree Growing Tips for Rooftop Garden

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Cashew Tree

Who Does not like Cashew or Kaju tree in his or her Rooftop garden so one can easily enjoy the Kaju or Cashew nuts anytime needed. But you might be wondering growing cashew tree is not hard? yes, it is but with some tricks and helpful information you can easily grow cashew tree on your rooftop garden.

Best time to grow cashew tree – best time to grow cashew tree is in mid of the spring because it takes about 2-3 year to first bloom the fruit it is considered as a hard tree to grow. Cashew fruit bloom in winter session after two-year planting the plant.

The cashew tree can grow cashew Nuts as long as 30 years.

So let’s start with the tips to grow Cashew Tree

Tip 1

After Blooming of the cashew fruit treat the cashew fruit shell carefully because it contains compound (anacardic acid) which induces skin irritation. this shell does have some chemical industry profit but only if you grow cashew tree in large scale. The hard shell of cashew nuts is used in the treatment of snakebites in some parts of the world.

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Tip 2

The cashew tree grows fruit called cashew apples and to get a cashew nut; you have to remove it from the cashew apple. However, you have to be careful because the oil from the shells can cause a reaction similar to poison sumac, producing a burning rash and painful blisters. So use protective rubber gloves while dealing with cashew apple.

Cashew tree in india

Tip 3

To grow Cashew plant in its early stage Put the tree by a window to get full sunlight but do not put the pot close to an air conditioner or Air conditioner vent because Kaju tree or cashew tree cannot tolerate that kind of cold air. Continue to water the plant once a week at minimum and fertilize with a nitrogen fertilizer in the spring and fall after the first year.

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Tip 4
How much fertilizer cashew tree needed?
Cashew tree needs regular application of fertilizer to grow vigorously and produce fruits. Use a slow-release fertilizer with N-P-K 8 – 3 – 9 according to the product instructions given on the packet, around the base of the tree every two months during growing season.

Also apply compost or farm manure once in a year, around 30 pounds (15 kg) on the surface of the soil to a mature tree.

Tip 5

This seems easy, right? But I saved best for the last, what type of condition you need for cashew tree?

So the most important info is cashew need at least 6 hours of sun if the sun is not well provided you might be ending asking my cashew tree not giving fruits after two years.

Soil condition must have a ph about 5-7 and the soil must have easy drainage of water. Cashew tree prefers this type of soil condition otherwise it would not grow the nuts for you.

Cashew plant should be placed in distance minimum 9 cm or long according to the area.

Cashews Seeds in India

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