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Gardening Talk with Siena

Hello Friends today we have a beautiful friend with us Siena and she is an Instagram star and she is going to share her gardening life with us so let’s start the chat session.
1. Tell us more about you Siena.

I’m just a regular girl from New Zealand. I’ve been married to my best friend for 21 years and we have raised three children together. I am 41 and loving life. I have a degree in psychology and work full time in mental health. We bought a 103-year-old villa a year ago so I love being at home in my garden with our 6 cats, 2 rabbits, and many wild birds.

2. You are an actor and model what is the most amazing compliment you ever got from someone?

My followers seem to appreciate my realness. Almost all of my pics so far have been taken to my beautiful home where I am happiest and I think my personality reflects through my page. One of the comments I get the most from my followers is that they find my page exciting!

3. how do you decorate your home? Do you have balcony garden or something?

One of my favorite things about my home is the rimu divider in my lounge, built by my husband, that is alive with pot plants and vases of flowers from the garden. I freshen it up every two weeks and it always looks different because of seasonal growth in the garden. Yes, I have a big front veranda that catches the sun and is alive with birdsong. I also have a swing hanging from the big tree where I love to relax with a cup of green tea or a glass of wine. All of these places feature throughout my page.

4. Do you like rooftop gardening idea?
Yes, I think the idea of rooftop gardening is wonderful! It gives people who live in apartments the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of watching gardens grow.
5.If you have to grow every food that you use for your self for your entire life what type of plants you will grow?😜 Only 5

Spinach, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber and red onions.

6.What tips you give to our viewers to stay fit and healthy like you. And what keeps you motivated.

Health is everything! I try to eat clean, lots of fresh veggies with minimally processed foods. I don’t eat meat and prefer not to eat any dairy. I exercise at my local gym 5-6 times a week. I like to lift, and I’m pretty strong for a girl! The gym is not for everyone though so my advice is to pick something you enjoy for exercise like bush walks, swimming, sport etc and do it consistently.

7. What is the best garden you ever visited?

The gardens surrounding my campus at Massey University are one of my favorites. It was always such a tranquil spot to eat my lunch or study with the sounds of nature.


7. Now please share your dream and future plan. So your followers can know what Siena is up to.
 I am currently working on my own Patreon. I will upload frequent cooking videos using fresh healthy food. We also plan to run a bed & breakfast from our home so other people can experience a peaceful getaway and enjoy our gardens and pets.
8. Do you have any indoor plant?

Yes. I have various types of indoor ferns potted throughout the house.

9. If you have to gift a plant to following what will you choose?

1. For mom
2. For dad
3. Your favorite celebrity
4. Your bf

My Mum loves butterflies so I would gift her with a swan plant so she could watch the monarchs hatching. I lost my Dad to cancer last year but I would take spring bulbs to his grave site to look beautiful in my favorite time of year. One of my favorite celebrities is New Zealand singer/songwriter Neil Finn. I would gift him with an orchard because they are delicate and beautiful much like his lyrics. I would gift my husband with a flax because they draw in our favorite bird native to New Zealand, the Tui.

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