Langra Mango- How Langra Name Given to This Mango

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Langra Mango

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Langra mango is a famous Indian type mango variety, it is known as the best in mango category.It comes late in the summer season.

Story of Langra mango naming

Langra is a Hindi word and means ‘lame’ in English. Langra aam is believed to have originated in Banaras (now Varanasi). According to veteran mango cultivator, Padma Shri Haji Kalimullah Khan, the story of how this variety of mangoes got its name goes back a few hundred years. “My Mamu Saab told me that around 250-300 years back, there lived a lame man in Banaras who ate a mango and planted the seed in his home ground. This lame farmer was known as Langra by his peers and friends in a village in Banaras.

The fruits of this tree were sweet and fleshy. Over a period of time this variety, became famous as the ‘langra’ variety.” He also says that although langra aam is famous and can be found everywhere in the country, these mangoes grown on the Banarsi land have a distinct and authentic taste that you wouldn’t get anywhere. Remembering the olden times, he recollects, “there was a numaish (exhibition) in Taalkatora in Delhi and I had some American guests invited for the same. We gave them all varieties of mangoes present then.

On being asked which the best of the lot was, all the Americans vouched for Langra aam majorly because it was not very sweet (unripe), which generally suits the American palate.

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