loki in english meaning

Loki In English Meaning – Other Hard Vegetable Name in English

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Loki In English Meaning

Lauki Vegetable is really popular. we love Loki in halwa or in Sabji so let’s learn what Is Loki in English meaning.

Loki Vegetable in English – Bottle Gourd

loki in english meaning

loki in the English name – Bottle Gourd

Here Are some other Vegetable Name in English

But Bottle Gourd is Karela!

Yes In English words are derived from Scientific Name or from other origins so you have the same name for different vegetables.

Arbi vegetable in English

Arbi Vegetable is also really searched in google and it creates confusion.

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Arbi – Colocasia roots

Arbi vegetable in English

Arbi – Colocasia roots

Turai in English

Turai in English

Turai – Gourd – Ridged

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