Long In English – What is called Laung in English

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Long in English

Laung in English meaning

Long is a very popular spice of India because of its strong flavor and uses. Long is found in Indian subcontinent Mostly in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Long In English/ Laung in English – Clove

Syzygium aromaticum - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-030.jpg

Non-culinary uses of Long

The spice is used in a type of cigarette called kretek in Indonesia. Clove cigarettes have been smoked throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. Starting in 2009, clove cigarettes must be classified as cigars in the US.

Long Has Historical Medical Uses as well as Potential Medical Uses of this herb. In Indian House, this Herb is used For Medical purpose as well as cooking Purpose too.

long in english

long in english – Clove

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