5 Amazing Facts of Motherwort [benefits of Motherwort included]

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“Motherwort’s actions beautifully show us the connection between the physical and spiritual heart.”

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1 Motherwort for anxiety – this plant works as a meditation against anxiety

  • This plant helps regulate tachycardia (uneven heartbeats) especially when due to stress and anxiety; this happens very quickly after dosage and can be a powerful ally for someone who feels their heartbeat frequently due to tension and anxiety and especially for someone whose fear of having anxiety can turn into panic
  • Motherwort calms the nervous system’s overactivity: reducing the sympathetic overdrive that expresses itself as nervous tension and anxiety: worrywarts who pace, tighten and get jumpy
  • She has a distinctly soothing quality to her calming powers, like a “big hug from mom,” as my herbal teacher introduced her to me exclaimed fondly
  • Plant is decidedly bitter, one of the more bitter plants in the mint family, which makes her an ally for stimulating digestion and even more so, an ally for someone who tends to leave their bodies and/or ‘zone out’ when facing fear or elevated emotions ~ the bitter flavor brings us back into our bodies and helps draw the energetic center of our awareness further down from our minds to our core, as well as bringing us into the present moment

2. Motherwort pregnancy – Best Herb For Women

Uterine Tonic

Motherwort has been found to mildly stimulate the uterus, while also aiding the uterus to work efficiently in the case of bringing on menses for women with absent menstrual cycles, as well as those with painful periods.

The This herb contains the alkaloid leonurine, which has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle.

Painful Menstruation

It is a powerful herb that brings quick relief to women who have painful periods with symptoms of anxiety, rapid heartbeat, hot flash, headache, dizziness, stress, and difficulty sleeping. This herb is very effective at reducing uterine muscle spasm, cramping and improving uterine tone.

Traditionally Motherwort was used topically as an infused oil or as a poultice (fresh herb macerated as a pack) placed on the abdomen. This is usually done with some type of liquid, it could be alcohol, vinegar, witch hazel or hot water. The pack was placed on the abdomen to relieve menstrual cramping.

3. Motherwort dosage – Be Careful with this

Dosage and Administration from various references

For a small dose – 60g when used alone.10-15 g., 30 g. for large dosage. 10-15g of the decoction is orally taken.
Dried herb: 2-4g or by infusion.Liquid Extract: 1:1 in 25% alcohol, 2-4ml
Infusion: pour a cup of boiling water onto 1-2 teaspoonfuls of the dried herb and leave to infuse for 10-15 minutes. This should be drunk three times a day.
Take an infusion, 200 ml (8 fl oz), twice daily. For the tincture, take 2 ml (40 drops), three times a day. The Chinese dosage is 9 – 60 g (1/2 – 3 oz).
For external use, mash an adequate amount of this herb for external application or decoct it in water for external rinsing.

4. Motherwort tea or Motherwort tincture

To make your own motherwort tincture, follow these four easy steps:
  1. Harvest the top third of the plant including the buds and flowers and connecting leaves and stems.
  2. Stuff a jar full of the plant material and pour 100 proof vodka to the top.
  3. Cap it and let it sit for 6 weeks.
  4. Strain out the plant material and the tincture will be almost black.

Now you have your bottle of motherwort to stock your medicine chest!

5. where to buy motherwort

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