Neem in English

Meaning of Neem In English and Scientific Name

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Neem In English

The Most Popular Antiseptic in daily life is NEEM But do you Know what is called Neem In English. Even on Tv Ads Or Newspaper, you will see Neem in Hindi.

Meaning of NEEM In English – Indian lilac
NEEM Scientific name – Azadirachta indica

How does the Neem word is derived? Neem tree is found in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh mostly. So it is clear that it was derived from the Sanskrit word “Nimb”.

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Neem oil can cause some forms of toxic encephalopathy and ophthalmopathy if consumed in large quantities.

Uses of Neem

  • As a vegetable
  • Traditional medicinal use
  • Pest and disease control
  • Neem oil for polymeric resins
  • Construction
  • Toiletries
  • Animal Treatment: Used to treat sweet itch and mud fever in horses
  • Bird repellent
  • Honey: In parts of Asia neem honey commands premium prices, and people promote apiculture by planting neem trees.
  • Neem gum is used as a bulking agent and for the preparation of special purpose foods.

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Neem is considered a weed in many areas, including some parts of the Middle East, most of Sub-Saharan Africa including West Africa and Indian Ocean states, and some parts of Australia. Ecologically, it survives well in similar environments to its own, but its weed potential has not been fully assessed.

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